Dreadwind Plateau

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  • Updated Nov 6, 2013
  • Created Apr 29, 2010
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About Dreadwind Plateau

This is a single-player mission in the vein of Blizzard campaigns. You command a Protoss force against the Zerg on Mar Sara. The trigger work is fairly simple, but it's functional- terrain work is my strong suit. Still requires balance tweaks, but it's fairly finalized. Hope you enjoy, and feedback is appreciated!

IMPORTANT UPDATE- If you are encountering flaky enemy AI / nonexistent attack waves, the problem may be caused by playing the map via the "test document" option of galaxy editor. Try instead dragging the map icon onto your sc2 exe icon.

Thanks to Ultraling for this discovery.

  • Removed a stray doodad
  • Added Difficulty settings
  • Adjusted for campaign dependencies. Not much changed for Protoss, you get scouts now.
  • Relocalized
  • Increased the delay before the Zerg players' tier 3 upgrades.
  • Your first nexus build time is sped up by 50%. Enemy attacks begin earlier to compensate.
  • Added a scripted event in the area north of your base.
  • Most Enemy attack waves should now prioritize your main base over your expansions. Minerals in your starting base slightly reduced to compensate.
  • Addressed Localization issues.
  • Infestors should no longer Frenzy targets who already have it.
  • Slight balance tweaks to account for patch changes
  • Improved enemy AI- they should now rebuild lost structures
  • Added decals and other aesthetic improvements
  • You are now notified of potential expansion sites
  • Slightly lowered the amount of Mutalisks in Green's attacks
  • Minor cosmetic changes
  • Removed a stray Void Ray that was there for testing purposes.
  • Increased time between enemy attack waves.
  • Increased resources at your starting base.
  • Ground shield, weapon and armor upgrades have been set to 1 for player at start.


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