Drawing Contest 2

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About Drawing Contest 2


  • Minimap Utilization : By using the mini-map it allows for a person to "draw" a picture within their section utilizing a select structure type.
  • Structure-Of-Choice : Pylon - easy, quick etc. - Life : 1 LIFE for pylons; thus allowing for a perosn to delete them if need be.
  • Eraser Function : Allow 1 FULL eraser per round. This eraser will erase everything that person has on their section.
  • Timers : 3, 5, 7 minute timers to draw a picture. We might concider instead 5,7,10 to allow more time. After the time is up judges come into play.
  • Judges : We can do this one of two ways - Allow EVERYONE to be judges, you get a half point per player who isn't specifically a judge and a whole point for a player who IS a judge. - Judges only judge : 1 point per judgement.
  • Rounds : We can do 3,5,7 rounds total - IE: they choose the amount of rounds ahead of time.
  • Banner : Of course, for offensive builders and people who are just general a jack-ass we need a banning ability. - Warning : Minus 1/2 point - Warning 2 : Minus 1 point - Ban : Kick from game.

How to handle this? Have 3 units - Each named accordingly 1 Point Deduction, 1/2 Point Deduction, Ban From Game.

Players : 8 total. We can divide up who does what afterwards but we need a minimum of 4-6 artists to make this fun.

- More info to come.

- Aeon

Addendum #1 :

  • After review - it may be advantageous of us to have it first to a certain amount of points - not a set amount of rounds. And you can set it up for 3-5-7 points. This will allow more or less game play depending on quality of "artists." It also extends the difficulty level a bit because it may take 12 rounds instead of best out of 3 rounds. Or - you have it set to 3 points ... that could take 7-8 rounds to determine a winner in longest case scenario. It can be a LOT of fun.

Addendum #2 :

This can be done with 1 Judge, 6 artists - so an 8 player map. However, we will need to have a failsafe function that will allow for the following :

... What if the judge DC's or leaves?? What do we do then? Simple - we vote in another judge as a "Replacement Judge."

Addendum #3 :

What if the judge is screwing around and being biased? Then we create a Ban this judge and remove him function so that a defacto replacement judge takes over and said biased judge is booted. - Just another function idea - but it requires at least 3 individuals to trigger it at a time.

This is the terrain concept for Drawing Contest 2.


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