Chicken Farm

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  • Updated Nov 3, 2013
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About Chicken Farm

Help make this map more popular if you like it! :)

Chicken Farm


Map is designed for Free for all micro fights. Every round players have some time to buy units. Each round you get more minerals and gas, so the army you can buy is bigger. After given time, arena is reveal and menu where you bought your units is disabled. Everyone have the same amount of resources so only your skill and micro can give you victory.

If players vote to enable creeps, during fight creeps will re spawn in random places to prevent players from making rounds infinitive (for example by blinking with stalker running from 1 zealot) ;) So the longer round least, more creeps will re spawn.

There can be 5, 20 or unlimited number of rounds to win. So you can even play forever. Each time with bigger army. Units that you can buy aren't much different from original units. Some abilities are removed such as ghost cloak or SCV building structures. Medivacs don't have to be killed to win a round. Those things may change in future updates.

Already done

  • map is now localized to all languages
  • random bonuses where you can heal and speed up your units
  • players can vote for number of rounds to win and to enable or disable creeps during game (voting should work but I tested it only single player)
  • custom UI buttons to buy units
  • original units with picked upgrades and changed a little costs (for balance) ans no hp/energy/shield regeneration

In future:

  • more complex arena with strategic places like ramps, blocking sight doodads etc.
  • computer AI (for single player matches)
  • heroes maybe? :)

[Last changes]

  • vote messages fixed :)


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