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  • StarCraft II
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  • Updated Oct 25, 2013
  • Created Jul 6, 2010
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  • Release Type: Beta
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About Bifrost

A starcraft2 remake of the map with the same name by [Ragnarok]Valkyrie. The map is pretty similar to the original. Extra high cliff edges surrounding the mains should make them impenetrable to cliff hoppers from that side (they can still easily enter via the cliff that runs into the backdoor min only), but this is entirely untested. There are xel naga watch towers by the bridges closest to the map edge and on the cliff outside the main entrance (the path that runs into the backdoor along the edge of map). For those not familiar with the original map: the cliff that runs along the map edge side of the mains through the backdoor mineral only expansion (this has a ramp to the main) runs behind the nat as well and then around behind the gold expo. A ramp leads into the nat and into the gold expo from this cliff. I'm sorry the colours are so awful, it didn't look anything like that in the editor =/

First version.


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