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  • Updated Sep 9, 2010
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About Art of Defence Classic

A remake of the original starcraft "Art of defence" map. The point of the map is to survive all the attacking waves. The original was difficult and i am aiming for the same difficulty. It is fully playable but needs a bit of balancing. Amount of enemies scales with the amount of players. Upgrades normaly having 3 levels now have 127 levels.

Video here provided by Myelini!

Please come with suggestions on what waves need to be balanced.

Published on:

-ToDo- (paused due to working on Cruiser Command)

  • Add about menu (links here etc)
  • More levels

Changelog is at map download section.



  • Fixed vote menu.
  • Fixed modular tanks missile turret not attacking.


  • Added difficulty vote menu
  • Added start music
  • Changed spawn system and waves
  • Added day/night cycle

BetaEnds v1.1

  • Fixed alliances
  • Moved Irritation to wave 9 (thors)


  • Increased amount of units in most waves.
  • Fixed upgrade bug that allowed simultaneous upgrading.
  • Added unit Irritation to reaper wave.
  • Fixed time remaining in objective to update every minute.
  • Increased attack speed for modular tanks by 23%.
  • Fixed fog of war bug in last wave.
  • Zerg hatchery is now created with 3 larvas.


  • Zerg hatchery is now created with creep around it.


  • Fixed objective issue showing seconds instead of minutes.


  • Probably fixed localization (Param/Value).
  • Upgrades working to 127
  • Moved center spawn a bit to the right.
  • Added debug mode to avoid accidental cheating (before it was always on).
  • Increased modular tank auto turret range from 6 to 7.
  • Lowered modular tank spawns from 40 to 25.
  • Increased modular tank hp from 400 to 600,
  • Changed tank addons unit-type to unit (fixes fog of war issue).
  • Fixed initial creep for zerg.
  • Added shields to marines wave (wave 3).


  • Changed upgrades a bit, still does not seem to work..


  • Added my name to the loading screen.

v0.5 Release


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