Player vs. player (PvP) can be a very exciting activity to participate in while playing World of Warcraft. Many players even enjoy it more than playing through the game's PvE content; something that has driven players to create special AddOns specifically designed to support PvP gameplay; World PvP, Battlegrounds and Arenas are all covered.

PvP Addons

These are some of the AddOns you'll definitely want to check out if getting involved in PvP.

Arena Frames

  • Proximo -- Proximo helps you more easily target your opponent in an arena by placing them in a clickable window, after you've moused over their character. If you're heavy into Arena play, then this AddOn is one you shouldn't pass up.

Unit Frames

  • PitBull -- This is by far the best unitframes out there right now. It is highly customizable and it's lightweight as well. It's surpassed ag_Unitframes in many ways.

Action Bars

  • Bongos2 -- While the default action bars are decent, Bongos 2 bring customizing to a whole new level. If you are serious about World of Warcraft and need more then what the default action bars offer -- this is the #1 choice. By the way, even if you're unsure if you need more, check out Bongos2 to be certain you do not miss out.

Scrolling Combat Text

  • ScrollingCombatText -- This addon have been around forever. Blizzard even released their own SCT - SCT answer? A further improved version that blow all other SCT addons away. SCT can be depended on - it has all you ever want and need when it comes to scrolling combat text - and a little bit more.

Cast and Timer Bars

  • Natur EnemyCastBar -- Everything you ever need in regards to cast and timer bars. It show you so much useful information. Even include addons for bosses and their abilities.

If you want to check out more raid or group related AddOns, we also have pages set up for Recommended Raiding and Recommended Grouping UI's.

If you'd like to discuss your favorite Addons, join in at the Addons forums!