Curse Premium

Curse Premium is a paid service for that is an enhancement of the user experience. It is designed to help you better manage your addons and get you into the game even faster than before. Curse Premium will give you access to the Premium Client. The Premium Client gives you faster download speeds, enables you to automatically keep your addons up-to-date, and allows you to update all your addons with just one click. What this means is that you spend less time downloading and managing addons, and more time playing! Additionally, Curse Premium users will have legendary access to Curse Premium users can browse the website and use the client without any commercial advertisements. They also get a unique avatar frame, have priority access to Curse beta key giveaways, and can participate in Premium-only key giveaways. To learn more about Curse Premium, please read the FAQ below.

What are the features of Curse Premium?

1) Premium Curse Client. Update all your addons with one click, or let the Curse Client update automatically for you. Enjoy an ad-free experience.
2) Ad-free Experience. Premium subscribers can browse without seeing any commercial advertisements.
3) Support Addon Authors. A portion of your payments will go to addon authors via Curse’s Author Rewards Program, helping them develop and maintain the addons you love.
4) Support Curse. Help us develop new features for the client and website, and allow us to keep providing safe, secure addons.
5) Premium-Only Beta Key Giveaways. Get access to key giveaways available only to premium subscribers, as well as priority on all Curse beta key giveaways.
6) Faster Addon Downloads. Get into the game sooner with lightning fast download speeds.
7) Premium users also get a unique avatar frame on

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept credit cards and PayPal as payment. PayPal is our payments processor, so both payment methods will occur on a secure PayPal webpage.

Will I need a new account?

No, your current Curse account will be upgraded as a Premium member. If you do not have a Curse account, you will first be prompted to create an account.

Can I change my subscription?

Yes, you can change your subscription by visiting your premium account settings. The new subscription will start after the previous one expires.

How can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription by visiting visiting your premium account settings. While you will not be refunded, you will remain a Premium member for the remaining time on your subscription.

I'm Premium! How do I get the Premium Client?

Welcome! To experience your new Curse Premium membership in the Curse Client, simply exit and relaunch the application or choose the Login option from the File menu, to update your status. If you need help downloading the client, please visit the Curse Client page.

If you need further assistance…

For any further questions and concerns, please contact us using our support ticket system. Make sure to select "Curse PREMIUM" as the support category.

Premium Terms of Service

Please note that you will need to agree to the Premium Subscription Additional Terms of Service prior to signing up for the Curse Premium.