State of the Game: Dismantling Defenses

A brand new State of the Game is up on the Guild Wars website. Written by Harold J. Chow, and titled "Dismantling Defenses", this article takes a look at the strategies behind countering the defenses any serious PvP team will bring to the table during matches.

"Blind on One."
"Blurred on One!"
"Blurred on Two!"
"$#@%! BLOCKED!"

These complaints of physical attackers should ring familiar to many players. Any halfway serious PvP team brings at least some sort of defense, and many top guilds run multiple layers of defense. Guilds like Cry for Eternity [Cry], currently ranked second on the Guild Ladder, have even chained "Shields Up!" on their front-line Warriors in recent Automated Tournaments. Breaking down these defenses thus becomes critical to success.

To check out the article in full, click here.


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