SotG: Balanced Builds in Heroes' Ascent

Alex Marsyla -- a Guild Wars player -- is the author of the latest State of the Game, published today by ArenaNet on the official Guild Wars website. The article takes a look at balanced builds in Heroes' Ascent -- something Alex warns is a vastly different playfield than GvG -- so the typical comparison between builds of teams in Heroes' and in GvG should not be considered.

As an example of a balanced Heroes' Ascent build, I present what has been commonly called "Legoway." This build has a single melee character (typically a Warrior), two Defensive Anthem Paragons, a fire Elementalist (usually carrying Savannah Heat), a Shatterstone water Elementalist, a Psychic Distraction Mesmer, and two Monks. Although Legoway might be considered one of many "flavor-of-the-month" builds, it has the necessary tools to adapt to the various maps and their different objectives.

When it comes to Annihilation maps like the Underworld, this build has plenty of offense to overpower opponents despite its single Warrior. Kills can be had through a full spike with the Warrior, both Paragons, and both Elementalists. Coordination between the water Elementalist's snares and the fire Elementalist's AoE spells often puts enough pressure on opposing healers to allow the Warrior and Paragons to get kills through mini-spikes and general physical pressure.

To check out more in this great new State of the Game, head over to Balanced Builds in Heroes' Ascent Today.


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