Voyage Century: Attacking Effect Feature

Grab free iPhod Touch, keep eyes on Triple Surprise event In Voyage Century, players have the opportunity to learn more than 17 skills respectively. These 17 skills could be categorized into basic series, trading series, sea battle series, land battle series, craft series and logistic series. These fantastic skills with special effects are the land battle skills including the falchion skill, sword skill, axe skill and shooting skill. Lightning Slash

Lightning Slash

Lightning Slash is a passive falchion skill. While you use this skill to attack, there are some rates to activate the shooting star effect on the screen. This is really a horrific skill with high attack and defense. Once activated, it will cause 3 continues attack on your enemy. Defensive Stance

Defensive Stance

Contrary to falchion skill, axe highly emphasis defense. Once Defensive Stancesssss is activated, it will largely increase the defense of players. Critical Stab

Critical Stab

Most players take this as the skill with the most beautiful special effect, just like a phoenix reborn in fire. When the skill is activated, your character will like a phoenix flying out off the fire and hurt your enemy with fury. Wounding Shot

Wounding Shot

It’s common during chasing that the speed of your enemy decreases largely giving you opportunity to catch him. This is the terrible skill Wounding Shot Sword Dance

Sword Dance

Which skill is the most aesthetic one? The Sword dances. Just like a flowery waltz, player who activates this skill is circling with a riband in hand. Thunder Hack

Thunder Hack

This may be the fabulous skill “splitting the ground”. Even the ground will shock with such hit. Kiss of Holy Gun,

Kiss of Holy Gun

Although it is used by few players, it is the coolest skill. See, there are a circular wheel under her foot and a string of crystalist symbols around her... Maybe it will addict the female players a lot.

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