The Bartuk: Race Profile and 12 Screenshots

Today we received 12 new screenshots of the Bartuk race from Gravity Interactive, for their upcoming Free to Play MMORPG Requiem: Bloodymare. This is the second race profile for the game -- the first being the Turan; it's still in Open Beta, so head over and sign up!

Here's a bit of information from Gravity Interactive on the race:


Strength: High Strength and Solidarity

Weakness: Weak Spirit, Susceptible Minds

Characteristics: Bartuks are gifted with enormous physical power, but tend to be spiritually weak. They get easily enraged, a flaw that enemies sometimes exploit. Bartuks are generous to their allies, and fight alongside them with a strong sense of solidarity. Their decision-making process is simple: “help friend, smash enemy". Magic wielding Bartuks are generally limited to the black arts and fire magic, and they lack the intelligence to use more subtle magic.

Combat Style: Bartuks focus on strength-based weapon combat, foregoing shields in favor of heavy Two-Handed Weapons. Bartuk magic is usually limited but it is also unfamiliar to the other races, making it difficult for them to counter.

Relationship with Other Race: Bartuks have a deep seated hatred toward the Xenoas – they've been historically dominated by them. Bartuks can cooperate with the Kruxenas, but loathe everyone else.

Job Progression

  • Tier 1: Warrior
    • Tier 2: Berserker
    • Tier 2: Warlord
  • Tier 1: Shaman
    • Tier 2: Forsaker
    • Tier 2: Mystic


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