A Pirate's Life For Me -- Part 2

This week's screen shot series for Pirates of the Burning Sea is a special one. Last Friday, Flying Lab Software took us on a tour of some of the cities in the game, and I was happy to take screen shots of the great scenery.

We have for you the British Nation City, Port Royal -- a city which was regularly hit by earthquakes in the 1720s. Flying Lab wanted to make sure to create Port Royal as close to the historical era as possible, so they made sure to take into account the damage from earthquakes when designing the structures, as well as the city's content.

There is also a mischievous little monkey named Queen Pillory in the city, which as our guide Theresa Pudenz explained, will become rowdy and throw tomatos at the captured NPC nearby, when given a taste of a special Rum players can find and turn in for a mission here.

<center>Port Royal -- DocksPort Royal -- Ravaged by EarthquakesPort Royal -- Destroyed ShipPort Royal -- Captured PiratePort Royal -- A Mischievous MonkeyPort Royal -- Queen Pillory</center>

Next up on the agenda was the quaint little French settlement of Port St. Joe. Theresa explained how the development team tries to design each port to look unique, and as close to accurate for the era as possible. This also means that some ports will be smaller than others. This is by design, as not only do the ports vary in size, but also the resource benefits they provide for controlling them.

<center>Port St Joe -- Looking into the SeaPort St Joe -- FarmlandPort St Joe -- Don't get captured herePort St Joe -- Magistrate's OfficePort St Joe -- Church</center>

Finally, we have some images from the Spanish Nation City of San Juan to close out this week's Screen Shot extravaganza.

<center>San Juan -- On the docksSan Juan -- View of the mountainSan Juan -- Water FountainSan Juan -- City View</center>

Be sure to check back next week -- we'll have more from the press tour, including images of Tortuga -- the Pirate Capital, and when I say we have images -- I mean lots of 'em. That place is huge!


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