Explore Middle-earth: Gramsfoot

In the latest Explore Middle-earth feature on the Lord of the Rings Online website, the starting area for Monster Players - Gramsfoot - is showcased.

Gramsfoot is at the foot of Mount Gram, in the Ettenmoors; a place where players can go to compete in PvMP(Player versus Monster Player) combat. On one side, you have players visiting as their normal play character(only accessable at level 50), and on the other you have players acting as part of Sauron's dark army. Players can take on the role of a monster in the Ettenmoors starting at level 10.

The fortress of Gramsfoot is a heavily guarded stronghold at the base of Mount Gram, nearly invulnerable to attack. As the army of Angmar presses southward under the command of War-tyrant Akúlhun, it is here that the power of Angmar can be felt the strongest in the Ettenmoors. Cruel Akúlhun is prepared to sweep through the Ettenmoors and Trollshaws and raze Rivendell to the ground . . . if he can defy the Power that resides in the Hidden Valley.

If you want to read more about Gramsfoot, head over to the Explore Middle-earth article; it's only one click away!


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