Book 10: The City of the Kings - Ettenmoors Changes

There's a new article on the Lord of the Rings Online website that was written by Senior Content Designer Allan "Orion" Maki. Allan goes into more detail about the changes to the Ettenmoors keep system introduced in Book 10.

Book 10: The City of the Kings, the second major update to The Lord of the RingsTM: Shadows of AngmarTM, features a massive overhaul to the Ettenmoors keep system. The update boasts over forty new quests, all with major impact on the forces defending or assailing the different keeps available

When planning for Book 10, we took a look at the feedback we've received from the community since launch and compared this with our data. Through this process we discovered that some pretty aggressive changes were needed to make monster play an even more compelling system. I'll explain the different and new dynamics introduced to the area, along with several other enhancements.

Book 10 looks to make some major changes to the Ettenmoors, especially to make it more enjoyable for Monster Players, so if you're looking to find out more about what Book 10 has in store, head over to the Book 10: The City of the Kings - Battle for the Ettenmoors article now!


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