Brand New Trailer and Pre-Release Bonus Info

A new trailer for Guild Wars: Eye of the North was released today. The trailer shows off nearly two minutes worth of in-game footage, including a variety of landscapes and creatures you'll come across in Guild Wars' first true expansion pack.

There's also new information regarding the details of the Pre-order Bonus Pack you'll receive by pre-ordering Guild Wars: Eye of the North.

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Pre-order Bonus Pack

By pre-ordering Guild Wars: Eye of the North, you receive these additional bonuses:

  • Access to the Sneak Peek Weekend that runs from August 24–26, 2007. You’ll be able to log into the game and gain early access to Eye of the North™. Everything that you gain during the Sneak Peek Weekend, including items, XP, Heroes and loot, will be permanent and available to you when the game goes live on August 31.
  • Three exclusive weapons for you or any Heroes you may meet through your adventures in the Eye of the North expansion - the Glacial Blade forged by the Norn of the Shiverpeaks, the Hourglass Staff crafted by the greatest of the Asuran artificers, and the Darksteel Longbow that was once wielded by the most powerful of the Charr Stalkers.
  • Access to all three Guild Wars games - Guild Wars®, Guild Wars Factions™, and Guild Wars Nightfall™ for 10 hours or 14 days, whichever comes first. If you’ve never explored the continents of Tyria, Cantha, or Elona before, now is the perfect time!

Special Items

In the bonus pack you'll receive three special items for your characters; these items were - until now - held in secrecy. The design of the items honors players who submitted entries into the Design-A-Weapon contest in February. We've included images and details of the weapons below.

We wanted something unusual, something particularly in keeping with the Eye of the North theme. We found it in the artwork created by Bora Vergili, from Istanbul, Turkey.

We looked for something that offered a visual connection with the unknown lands of the Far Shiverpeaks, and the art of Serbian contestant Marko Cvetrovic filled that need very well indeed.

The Glacial Sword, our third stunning new Weapon, is based on the artwork of Andre Roux.

ArenaNet wrote:

Congratulations to Andre Roux, Bora Vergili, and Marko Cvetrovic! These fine fan artists will receive a few gifts from the Guild Wars Team, including signed copies of the Pre-Release Bonus Pack that includes their special weapons!


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