Eye of the North Image Explosion, Plus a Video!

Leipzig isn't the only show in town this weekend, and the Guild Wars team will be attending the Penny Arcade Expo as well. With that in mind, NCSoft provided a plethora of new images and videos for the event. This is all in preparation for the Guild Wars: Eye of the North Early Access Weekend, which starts this coming weekend on August 27th.

You can check out images specific to PAX 2007 in our Guild Wars: Eye of the North Images section. I've included a few below to give a taste of all of the images; there are tons of screenshots and even some pieces of concept art.

<center>PAX 2007 Guild Wars: Eye of the North Screenshots</center> <center>Tiger_charrHall of MonumentsDestroyers AttackEye of the North</center>

We also have a few new screenshots for Guild Wars: Eye of the North from the Leipzig Games Convention. You can check them and other images from the convention out on our Leipzig Games Convention Portal. Below is just a sample of what's there!

<center>Leipzig Games Convention 2007 Eye of the North Screenshots</center> <center>gw002gw02gw026gw003</center>

And of course, how else could we top this off, other than with an in-game video walk through of the expansion and some of the cool new areas and features you can expect.

<center> <script type="text/javascript"> var FO_117 = { movie:"http://dev.curse-gaming.com/static/flash/flvplayer.swf", width:"500", height:"350", majorversion:"7", build:"0", bgcolor:"#FFFFFF", allowfullscreen:"true", flashvars:"file=http://videos.cursebeta.com/stream2/premium/631.flv&autostart=true" }; $("#flvplayer_117").click(function(event) { UFO.create(FO_117, "flvplayer_117"); $(this).unbind('click'); }); </script> </center>

Be sure to keep checking back for more updates on our coverage of this year's Leipzig Games Convention.


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