Several New Aion Images Now Available

There is a flurry of Aion information going around this morning as Games Convention kicked off with press day. We've received a batch of new images of the game - both screenshots and concept art of a new race and the water spirit. You can check them out below, but be sure to visit our Aion Image section to see all of the images we have on the game.

It's visually impressive and a very unique design style, so be sure to take a look, and of course keep an eye out on our Leipzig Games Convention portal as we'll no doubt have much more information on Aion over the next few days.

<center>Aion Screenshots</center> <center>AION_May_25_07 (57)AION_May_25_07 (28)AION_May_25_07 (32)Aion_May_25_07 (52)AION_May_25_07 (983)</center>
<center>Water Spirit Concept Art</center> <center>WaterSpirit1WaterSpirit2WaterSpirit3</center>
<center>Shugo Race Concept Art</center> <center>Shugo raceShugo</center>


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