Feedback Friday with Paul Sage

This week's Feedback Friday on the official Tabula Rasa website takes a look at the end of beta, scribed by the pen (or ok, the keyboard) of the game's Lead Developer - Paul Sage.

"The end of beta, and the beginning of a live service. I’ve been here before, but not in the same way. Every game has a personality of its own, which is part of the team that made it, and it is also part of the community that plays it. Whether as a player or a developer, I don’t think any game I have been deeply involved in held my interest in quite the same way as Tabula Rasa. So with that, I am going to have some fun by telling you some of my favorite parts of the game, and then offering some well earned thanks."

Paul goes over a lot of his favorites in the game, including his favorite class, creature, place, moment in the game and many more. It's a great read, and Paul Sage is very candid in his "thank you" section, where he thanks everyone from the man himself - Richard Garriott - to the QA and Community team, and even each and every beta player.

Head over to Feedback Friday to read it in its entirety. Of course, there's also the End of Beta Event taking place tonight from 10:00 PM to 11:59 PM Central Standard Time (that's 8:00-9:59 for you PST folks; 9:00-10:59 for MST; 11:00-12:59 for EST) that promises to include your chance to take on Richard Garriott, Paul Sage, and others in-game in the ultimate beta event. So why not log in and check it out firsthand? It's sure to be a time to remember.


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