7th Warcry Developer Journal


Another Warcry Developer Journal, this time Tasos has sent Warcry first screenshots of the new look of the Mirdain (before these screenshots, we've only seen really old models of the Mirdain). He talks about the Mirdain race and the troubles occupying their lands. Good thing if you care about lore. We also take a first look at their mount, the Aerdin Cat. Mirdain on Aerdin Cat 1 Mirdain on Aerdin Cat 2

With this update, we've finally seen all of the playable races in Darkfall in the "new" engine. Before there were very few models of the Alfar and Mirdain, and most of them were outdated (read: when the game was still developed in a basement in Norway). Maybe this, and a nice stream of updates every two weeks is a sign of beta coming close.


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