Got what it takes to play with the best?

Do you think you've got what it takes to play with the best in Age of Conan? is going to be organizing a server selection for a Free-For-All PvP Server in Age of Conan. Some of the best players in WoW and even many of AoC's top Closed Beta players will be joining the BG9 community to create a truly epic gaming experience. Don't forget to set your bookmarks because we will be announcing instructions on how to roll with us on May 10th, three days before the pre-release.

We invite all those players and guilds out there who consider themselves exceptionally skilled to join with us and create THE place for AoC PvP. Go sign up over at our forums and post on our headcount thread. Tell your buddies, your guildmates and anyone else you think is an awesome player -- this is where it's going to go down.

Want to know more about AoC?

We currently have a few closed beta testers answering any and all questions over at our AoC Q&A thread. Not to mention, we have a very detailed write-up of last weekend's GameSpot AoC PvP Weekend, ranging from game mechanics to a lengthy description of each class.

What is BG9?

The objective of BG9 is for competitive gamers to get more out of MMORPGs they play. To artificially create high levels of competition by coordinating where we choose to play. We are already host to many of the best players in the world, but through our actions, we strive to attract the rest.

Aren't you tired of playing on MMORPG servers with mediocre levels of competition? Where it's always the same, small handful of players making all the noise? Why not concentrate all of these players into one place and create the hype, create the quality and create the competition that brings your game to the next level and gives you the best experience possible?

That is our primary objective.


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