Compiled fixes for Common Age of Conan problems

Problems that the Fixes catered :

Problem #1 : Fatal Error while installing Age of Conan Retail version

Problem #2 : “Invalid source filesize” while updating or patching Age of Conan

Problem #3 : Problems connecting to Age of Conan servers, or server connection is laggy.

Problem #4 : Age of Conan Authentication Errors / Authentication Failure

Problem #5 : Key invalid or already in use, please retype

Problem #6 : The patcher does not load.

Problem #7 : The Age of Conan Patcher loops downloads / keeps downloading the same file(s)

Problem #8 : Failed to Initialize Rendering SubSystem

Problem #9 : Age of conan drd9.dll error

Problem #10 : Problem running Age of Conan on Intel Integrated Graphic cards

Fixes here : Fixes for Age of Conan Errors, Crash, Patch problems, bugs and other common problems


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