Diablo III is more speed and less text says Blizzard

The Blizzard-boss Jay Wilson has quite a bit of pressure on himself, being the responsible for the development of Diablo III. The role-playing fans are many who rather bath in fire than to see their favorite gaming-series failing due to a mediocre third installment.

Expectations on Diablo III are enormous and the reactions on the graphic-style have received mixed reactions across the world.

Over at Gameplay, the reporter Christer Engström spoke with Jay Wilson himself, where Wilson told him about the user interface, the tech behind the storyline and more things such as how the system behind the potions work. Christer got to see very fast and action-packed fights with a lot of movement.

When you're playing Diablo it's all about forward movement, attacking, getting into fast-paced combat and never backing off, says Wilson. That's what we really wanted out of that system.

Wilson also took the chance to admit that Diablo II simply had too much text and that in the third installment of the saga, there will be more dialogues instead, your character will have his or her own voice too.

We realized there are some people who don't like story and they don't want a lot of dialogue, says Wilson in the interview. We don't give them that. [...] If anything we look at the amount of text in Diablo 2 and go 'wow, those are long monologues, they're not very interesting'.

View the whole video interview! (Swedish site, interview in English)


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