Blizzard's Paul Della Bitta talks about WoW PvP/ESports

The US Regional Finals event in San Diego 2 weeks ago was the second World of Warcraft "LAN" tournament to take place worldwide. Hosted by Blizzard, the event ran very smoothly throughout the entire weekend. After the closing ceremony was over I had the chance to sit down with Paul Della Bitta, Senior Community Manager over at Blizzard, and talk with him about the event and the future of World of Warcraft as an E-Sport.

Paul was happy to answer all of my questions to the best of his ability - even when I brought up the now 'infamous' disqualifications of various team members. Most noteworthy of what was discussed was how Blizzard are looking into developing a 'spectator mode' client for arena matches. While he could'nt go into any details at this time, we certainly were glad to learn about the development and brainstorming around this project.

Paul also talked some about the differences in social 'acceptance' of video games as E-sports while making a point that Blizzard would do everything they could to make this available to players, tournament holders and LANs.

To get the rest of the interview, click the video below:


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