An Interview With: Stargate Worlds Again


It's been a while since The Daily Quest has been active and I'm sure a lot of you out there are wondering where and why we disappeared. Well, that would be due to a slight change in direction for us.

Instead of writing messy articles without focus or inspiration, we've decided to change the direction The Daily Quest is heading and now, we will be focusing 100% of our efforts on An Interview With. We will be bring you one or two community relevant interviews with development teams, guilds and fan sites and so much more.

We've already interviewed the World of Warcraft themed dating site -- DateCraft -- as well as the guy responsible for World of Raids -- Teza -- not forgetting our interview with CME PR Manager Kevin Balentine about the upcoming MMO Stargate Worlds. You can read all of those articles by heading over to The Daily Quest!

This time around, we bring you an interview with A'a Netjer, a multi-gaming guild formed earlier this year that is waiting for the release of Stargate Worlds. We ask them about why they set up A'a Netjer as well as what they expect from the sci-fi MMO due for release later this year.

A'a Netjer members all want Beta! :D

What are you waiting for? Head on over and check it out!


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