Let us live up to the legacy of Diablo!

Mythos, a fast paced action RPG developed by Flagship set in a bright fantasy world where young Godlings aspire to join The Great Pantheon through battle.

Now Travis Baldree, the Project Director for Mythos, and Max Schaefer, Executive Producer of Mythos come to tell us more info about the game. Also, they bring us four exclusive screenshots

MMOsite.com: This is the first time that we have had the opportunity to sit down together, thank you for your time. So to start, would you mind introducing yourselves and your team to our audience?

Travis: Hi there! My name is Travis Baldree, and I'm the Project Director for Mythos. You are also speaking to Max Schaefer, Executive Producer of Mythos. We have a fantastic team of 10 here in Flagship Seattle working on Mythos.

MMOsite.com: When and why did you decide to make Mythos? I found that Diablo and Mythos are strikingly similar. Diablo is a masterpiece of RPG games. Don't you think it's a big challenge?

Travis: The Mythos project began in an interesting way. My friend Phil Shenk (the Art Director at Flagship) and I had been wanting to do a little project together, and by chance, Flagship came upon the idea of doing a small network test game for Hellgate: London, to prove out the networking back-end and pave the way for a smooth Hellgate release. One thing led to another, and the Mythos project was born. Given the history of the founders of Flagship Studios, making a Diablo-style game isn't really a great surprise - but making one that players can experience for free is. It is certainly a great challenge to live up to the legacy of Diablo, and we hope that with continued effort and constant support and feature additions, we can do so.

Max: As soon as we started working with Travis and his team things worked out really well so the natural next step was to expand our plans for Mythos considerably. We have most of the core Diablo team working at Flagship Studios - I think 17 of them at last count. We realize living up to the Diablo series is a huge challenge, but who better to do it?

MMOsite.com: How would you compare Mythos to Diablo? There're rampant rumors that Blizzard will make Diablo 3. Do you think it will have any negative influence on Mythos if it's true? In your opinion, what will Diablo 3 be like?

Travis: I don't have any real insider knowledge about Diablo 3, its existence or the form it will take. In gameplay style, Mythos is very obviously a game in the Diablo mold, with fast action, fully mouse-based play, and battles against hordes of enemies, rather than one or two. If and when Diablo 3 is released, I like to think there's plenty of room left for Mythos as well, as a game that is lighter in tone, free to download and play, and constantly supplemented with new content. You won't have to make a decision at the counter about which one to buy, that's for certain!

Max: Mythos borrows the same easy, point and click sensibilities of Diablo and Fate, but blends them into a world with MMO elements closer to WoW or Guild Wars. The Diablo universe is more intense, darker, and more brooding. All of us are very anxious for Blizzard to announce they are making Diablo 3, as we all want to play it! Blizzard does everything first-rate, so if they do it, it will be awesome. We always feel that the more great games there are, the better it is for all of us.

MMOsite.com: What's your expectation for Mythos? Some players say Mythos is just a test for your upcoming game Hellgate: London, what do you think?

Max: I think the thousands now participating in the Beta test have been unambiguous in telling us they are excited about Mythos, and see it as a great compliment to Hellgate: London. It's been great in helping test technologies for Hellgate, but Mythos has grown bigger than just being a test bed. It's a real franchise now.

MMOsite.com: Will there be an offline version for the single player?

Travis: There won't ¨C Mythos will be an exclusively online game.

MMOsite.com: There are 3 races (Elf, Gremlin, and Human) and 2 classes (Pyromancer and Bloodletter) in Mythos now, but I notice that the 6 characters in the loading screen are totally different. They look like 6 classes. Would you mind sharing with us something about the race and class designing in Mythos?

Travis: The races have changed up a bit since the Alpha - the current races are the Humans, Satyrs, and Gremlins - and we're up to three classes now ( the Gadgeteer was the next addition ). We hope to have many more of both in the future. Our aim with Mythos is to design characters and classes that are different than the generic fantasy norms. We're deliberately choosing and developing new races ( Humans being the obvious exception ) and classes that don't fall into the standard Rogue, Warrior, Healer archetypes.

MMOsite.com: Do you have any plan to release new races and classes?

Max: Part of the whole idea of Mythos is that it's online-only and free, so we can continue to develop and expand Mythos however we want. We will add classes, races, items, dungeon types, new towns, new activities, etc. for as long as there is demand.

MMOsite.com: What is the PvP system like in Mythos? Similar to Diablo 2 or totally different?

Travis: The PVP system in Mythos is still in development. We did an initial test of the basic functionality for PVP during our alpha, but pulled it back to more fully develop it for later release. We intend to start with an arena-style PvP and expand from there to all sorts of competitive PvP modes.

MMOsite.com: Some players say that they are waiting too long at the loading screen. Do you notice this problem and how will you solve it?

Max: Yes, Mythos is currently in beta, and we are working out all the kinks as fast as we can.

MMOsite.com: Now the game is totally free, both download for free and play for free. Will this game be free forever? Where are your profits going to come from?

Max: Mythos will be free to download and play forever. We will generate revenue from optional purchases in-game. While we know some games have made this promise, but the reality was you were weak and worthless unless you paid, we really will make paying an option. We will have a dual-economy system, similar to what Three Rings uses. So players can freely trade purchased items or enhancements, and these purchases will primarily be time-savers rather than things that make your player more "uber". We recognize two types of players, those with money but no time, and those with time but no money. Both will be well taken care of.

MMOsite.com: What are the major changes you have made in the new Mythos build you released on August 9? Will there be another update soon?

Travis: The major changes were the addition of a new class, overworld travel, a brand new UI system, all new tilesets, 2 new races (and the removal of an old one ), new monsters, new items, new skills, a new skill system - the list goes on. We continue to update Mythos frequently, whether it be through bug fixes, new content, or performance and back-end improvements.

MMOsite.com: How long will the closed beta last? When will the OB testing start? You know a lot of people are waiting for joining in the game.

Max: We are continuously expanding the number of people in game, and anyone wanting to get in will be able to shortly. We don't have a set schedule, though, and sometimes we may have to delay a bit because of the chaos surrounding the Hellgate: London release.

MMOsite.com: Any final words for our audience?

Travis: A big thank you to all our current Beta testers - and if you'd like to join up, head to www.mythos.com to lend us a hand. We look forward to showing you what we've been up to, and all of the new stuff we have in store. See you online!

Max: Yes, thank you to our Beta testers and interested fans! The response to our work so far has generated a lot of energy and motivation in our studios to make Mythos, at first just a network test bed, into the best free, casual MMORPG ever made.


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