Age of Conan Status Update

RPG Vault recently sat down with Funcom's Game Director - Gaute Godager - for a status update on Age of Conan - Hyborian Adventures. This is a multi-part interview series, with part 1 released recently.

Conan will be the very first brutal, hands-on action oriented massively multiplayer online RPG. The game was, and still is following this distinct vision - trying to become the embodiment of the savage, unforgiving Hyborian Age. For the players, the most noticeable difference from other games will be the following:

- Having to direct every melee attack themselves, relying on skill and gut more than automated combat.

- The sheer brutality of it all. This is a mature title. Heads and limbs go flying as you wade through your enemies.

- The lush, dark and detailed graphical representation of earth 12,000 years ago as Robert E. Howard, the author of the Conan universe envisioned it.

In addition to these core differences, we are naturally delivering a MMO game with incredible depth and a wide variety of exciting features. I think many RPG Vault's readers have at least a certain grasp of what we are capable of since we have made Anarchy Online (and Dreamfall, and The Longest Journey) previously. This means that have a very experienced team with the skills and talent to make Hyboria truly shine.

It's a three page interview that offers a lot of details on what Funcom has been up to with the game, the process of development and much more, so head over to RPG Vault's interview with Gaute Godager to check it out.


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