Class Interview #2: The Guardian

Ten Ton Hammer is back this week to continue their bi-weekly series of Age of Conan class interviews. This week Funcom's Product Director, Jørgen Tharaldsen, talks about the Guardian class - one of Age of Conan's "tank" classes in the Soldier archtype.

Jørgen Tharaldsen: The Guardian will be a fantastic tank that is for sure, but I definitively wouldn’t say that their greatest asset is “only” their armor. The armor of the Guardian is naturally very important since the Guardian is the only class that can equip Full Plate armor (for one example), but he also has many other strengths. For instance, in Conan the Guardians can also deal significant amounts of damage.

In general, we have tried to innovate on several fields to make the tank classes more interesting than in many other MMO games, and I will expand on this a tad more in this Q&A. When it comes to the damage; the armor will mitigate the damage in most cases.

I found this King Conan quote from one of the lore documents that our lore master have made, and he thinks it’s quite fitting for this particular class…“Guardians are the unassailable rock upon which the waves of battle break.” This points towards having great defensive qualities, but if you read along you will also see that class has a lot more to offer than just protecting.

The interview reveals quite a bit of information behind some of the mechanics involved in armor - including the fact that armor weight factors into knockback resistance, and many other cool tidbits of info that will surely leave you salivating and wanting more.

Head over to the Ten Ton Hammer Guardian Interview to check out more.


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