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  • Updated Jul 28, 2017
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About BDArmoryContinued

BahamutoD has taken a leave of absence and requested that his mods be continued, so the BDArmory Team is pleased to announce BDArmory Continued!


This mod is a work in progress. The last update contains many new features and systems, so you will likely find issues with the new stuff,
or find that things that used to work no longer work. Please kindly report issues in a thorough manner. Thanks.


Discuss on the KSP forum page.


Installation : Copy the BDArmory folder from the zip file's GameData folder into your GameData folder.
If updating, please remove your old BDArmory folder before extracting.

(Source on GitHub)



BDArmory Wiki (new!)
- This long overdue, but it has just been started so there are only a few pages so far.  If you know some things about BDArmory and would like to help fill it out, please feel free to do so.  It would be greatly appreciated!


KSPedia pages!  BDAc now has a KSPedia presence.  information on BDArmory can now be found in game!


Useful Tools


  • Aim and fire turrets with your mouse
  • Homing air-air and air-ground missiles
  • Cruise Missiles
  • Countermeasure flares
  • Unguided rockets
  • Bombs
  • Cannons and artillery
  • Lasers
  • Naval combat systems.
  • Explosions
  • Recoil impulse calculated by projectile mass and muzzle velocity.
  • Bullets are affected by gravity.
  • Firing mechanism cut-off if the gun is pointed at your own vessel.
  • Highly configurable.
  • Configure AI guards to fight against
  • Current damage system:
  • == each bullet adds heat to a Part on impact depending on the bullet's mass and velocity, and the Part's impact tolerance. The part is destroyed when heat exceeds max heat.
  • == explosions push objects and apply heat to them based on their impact tolerance and how far they are from explosion center.

v0.3.0.0 Naval Combat Update!

  • New DLL Changes - Full reinstall required!

  • BDArmory Core : modularization of systems and features to ease integration for other mod makers

  • Performance refactor and garbage collection improvements for better memory utilization

  • New Features

    • Adding new weaponClass - SLW - Ship Launched Weapon - intended to target surface vessels (splashed) and submarines (splashed and underwater)

    • weaponClass.SLW is set by missileType torpedo or depthcharge

    • New "Sonar" Implementation - If RWRThreatTypes is Sonar will not detect flying vessels, only surface ships and submersibles

    • MAX_ACTIVE_RADAR_RANGE & MAX_ENGAGEMENT_RANGE added to settings.cfg for more control over ranged combat

    • Updated checks for Landed and Splashed to be more accurate and account for sumbersibles

    • Renamed "Ground" engagement option to "Surface" to better reflect behavior

    • MM Patches updated for engagement options and torpedo types

    • Issue Reference #201 for Sonar, RWR Types, engagement Types, torpedo targeting

    • Increased Radar Range #170

    • Logic for Smart Targeting should correct #216

    • fixing issue with throttle mirroring when switching vessels

    • adding gaurd mode back to editor, Solves #156

    • Ballistic Missile guidance improvements

    • Terminal Guidance will switch back to GPS target if no radar target is found

      • Detonation damage code updated to correct for zombie missiles after OnCollision

      • Update of Test craft

  • New Parts

    • Courtesy of SpannerMonkey
      • BDA MK1 Sonar Pod
      • Sting Ray BDA LightWeight Torpedo
  • For a full complement of sonar,torpedos, depth charges and submarine parts see

  • Notes on Naval Combat Features

    • Current implementation of "Sonar" reuses the current Radar code. Future state will have dedicated windows and naming convention
    • Activating a "Sonar" pod still says "Activate Radar"
    • A Sonar is defined by setting the rwrThreatType = 6
      • Sonar rules
        • Will only detect vessels that are underwater (> 20meters)
        • Sonar will not function if vessel is in flight
        • Sonar does not detect "Landed" vessels, only splashed
        • Normal Radar does not detect underwater vessels, still detects "Splashed" i.e. Boats
    • Engagment type "SLW" only targets underwater (submarines) and Splashed (Boats)

As always, BDA need PhysicsRangeExtender to work properly:


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