TAC Life Support

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  • Kerbal Space Program
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  • Supports: 1.0.5
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  • Updated Dec 18, 2015
  • Created Jun 3, 2014
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  • License: Custom License
  • Newest File: TAC Life Support v0.11.2.1

About TAC Life Support

Thunder Aerospace Corporation Life Support system

Many Kerbal lives were bravely sacrificed to bring you the latest in biological needs.

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Windows 64-bit Compatibility
Until Squad fixes the Windows 64-bit version to make it more stable and less buggy, I will not be supporting this version at all. Please do not post any problems unless you can recreate them in another version: the Windows 32-bit, Mac (OSX) 32-bit, or Linux 64-bit. Read the [Official] How To Get Support and my post on the subject.


  • Kerbals require resources to survive, whether in a vessel or on EVA: Food, Water, Oxygen, Electricity (for air quality and climate control)
  • Resources are needed all the time, even when flying another vessel, or sitting at the Space Center or Tracking Station.
  • Kerbals can die if they go without resources for too long. The defaults are: 360 hours without Food (60 Kerbin days/15 Earth days), 36 hours without Water, 2 hours without Oxygen, and 2 hours without Electricity.
  • Kerbals produce waste resources: Carbon Dioxide, Waste, and Waste Water. Currently Carbon Dioxide can be recycled into Oxygen, and Waste Water can be recycled into clean Water. Also can filter Oxygen out of IntakeAir, or split Water into Oxygen and Waste (hydrogen). A greenhouse part that allows growing Food is planned, but is not included yet.
  • Filling up with waste resources (Carbon Dioxide, Waste, Waste Water) has no effect. Any excess is dumped overboard, and you lose the opportunity to convert them back into good resources.

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Requires Module Manager.

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License: CC BY-NC-SA 3.0

Includes the KSP Add-on Version Checker's MiniAVC. It does a GET request to http://ksp-avc.cybutek.net/ to find the latest release number. It is opt-in and no information is sent to the server. I recommend downloading the full KSP-AVC Plugin to get the most out of it. And encourage other mod authors to support it.

Please post all comments to the forum thread.


  • Built for KSP 1.0.5
  • Shows the Life Support Monitoring window in the Tracking Station [thanks Henry!]
  • Sorts the Life Support Monitoring window by who's going to run out of resources first, though the active vessel is still always listed first. [thanks Henry!]
  • Times shown now show the number of years instead of a huge number of days.
  • Fixes for better compatibility with RealFuel: no longer patches RF tanks, and converters no longer force_activate() [thanks NathanKell and Thomas!]


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