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  • Updated Oct 14, 2016
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About TAC Life Support

Thunder Aerospace Corporation Life Support (TACLS)

Many Kerbal lives were bravely sacrificed to bring you the latest in biological needs.

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TAC Life Support is under new management in conjunction with the Realism Overhaul team! We are glad for the opportunity to keep this great mod alive. We are also very grateful to @TaranisElsu for creating TAC Life Support. Our hats are off to him.
@danfarnsy had been maintaining TAC LS for the past 6 months and we thank him for doing so. But he has been having problems with finding the time to keep up the maintanence, so I have agreed to take over maintanence of this fine mod. Danfarnsy will still be part of the team and be contributing to this mod as time permits him to do so. Thread for the past 6 months here.


What is TACLS?

TAC Life Support is a mod which adds food, water, oxygen, and electric charge as requirements for survival in space. Go without support for too long, and your Kerbals die a non-fiery death! Included are parts with storage for food, water, oxygen, waste products, as well as some recyclers for oxygen and water. It does not include support for growing food, but there are many mods which play well with TACLS to provide this functionality. It also integrates well into Realism Overhaul!



  • Kerbals require resources to survive, whether in a vessel or on EVA: Food, Water, Oxygen, Electricity (for air quality and climate control)
  • Resources are needed all the time, even when flying another vessel, or sitting at the Space Center or Tracking Station.
  • Kerbals can die if they go without resources for too long. The defaults are: 360 hours without Food (60 Kerbin days/15 Earth days), 36 hours without Water, 2 hours without Oxygen, and 2 hours without Electricity.
  • Kerbals produce waste resources: Carbon Dioxide, Waste, and Waste Water. Currently Carbon Dioxide can be recycled into Oxygen, and Waste Water can be recycled into clean Water. Also can filter Oxygen out of IntakeAir, or split Water into Oxygen and Waste (hydrogen). A greenhouse part that allows growing Food is planned, but is not included yet.
  • Filling up with waste resources (Carbon Dioxide, Waste, Waste Water) has no effect. Any excess is dumped overboard, and you lose the opportunity to convert them back into good resources.

Read the full descriptionRead about the recent changes.


Installation and Dependencies

Please delete any previous installations of GameData/ThunderAerospace/TacLifeSupport before installing this.

Module Manager and Community Resource Pack are both required dependencies. They are included in the download for your convenience.


Need some help?
See the new Tutorials and Help pages.

License: CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 and some portions of code are MIT

Includes the KSP Add-on Version Checker's MiniAVC. It does a GET request to http://ksp-avc.cybutek.net/ to find the latest release number. It is opt-in and no information is sent to the server. I recommend downloading the full KSP-AVC Plugin to get the most out of it. And encourage other mod authors to support it.

Please post all comments to the forum thread.

Re-compiled for KSP 1.2 with necessary changes (will not work on earlier versions of KSP).
    Some performance and garbage clean-up in the codebase (a further cleanup performance improvement code review is still required).    
    Support for different life support settings per save game, and also support MM override by Realism Overhaul for start of new games.
    Settings are now integrated into stock Difficulty Settings. For new games you can set the various TAC LS settings via the Difficulty
    settings window when you are starting a new game.
    Settings can also be changed in-game via the Stock Paule Menu - Settings - Difficulty Settings button.
    Depending on where in the game you are different settings can be changed (EG: resource consumption values can only be changed in the Space Center screen.)
    There is no TAC LS Icon now in the Space Center screen as it's only purpose before was for settings (which you now access via the game pause menu).
    The LifeSupport.Cfg file is now base settings for start of a NEW save only.
    Once a save is started copies of these fields are persisted into the sfs save file.
    Changes to existing saves must then only be made in-game and these changes are persisted into the sfs save file.
    Added Setting for how often the Vessel Lists will be re-sorted in the TAC LS UI window. Removed old sort that occurred every onGUI (bad performance).
    Hibernation mechanic changes:
        Hibernation vs Death is now toggled via the TAC LS Difficulty settings menu.
        Crew in hibernation are changed to Tourists so they cannot perform normal crew functions.
        When food/water is restored to vessel crew become normal crew again.
    Added 3.75M parts.
    Fixed text alignment in TAC LS monitoring screens.
    Clicking the "R" button to open roster window now acts as a toggle so pressing again will close the roster window.
    Fixed the Editor Category Icon to be more in line with the other icons.    
    Moved icons into the Textures folder. Moved the Plugin DLL to the Plugins folder.
    Converted all resource converters from custom build resource converter module to use the stock ModuleResourceConverter module, they also now all support
    Engineer specialist boosts.
    Updated Community Resource Pack to the latest version (v0.6.0).

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