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  • Kerbal Space Program
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  • Supports: 1.1
  • 1,618,138 Total Downloads
  • Updated Jun 22, 2016
  • Created May 6, 2014
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: GNU Lesser General Public License version 3 (LGPLv3)
  • Newest File: MechJeb 2.5.8 for KSP 1.1.3
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About MechJeb

Usage instructions:

Add either the AR202 surface-attached case from the Control tab or the MechJeb pod from the Pods tab to one of your vessels.Then use the button on the right side of the screen to access MechJeb window selection interface, and click on the buttons to activate the windows. The windows can be dragged anywhere on screen, and their position is saved and reused among all rockets.



KSP Forum thread

Online Manual

Support Requests

- Compatibility for KSP 1.1.3

- Add ‘At the highest AN/DN’ and ‘At the nearest AN/DN’ time selectors for inclination and plane maneuvers.

- Add a setting for the node executor lead time

- Custom Windows new Overlay mode

- MJ Pod disabled since it does not work properly with the current leg code

- FAR compatibility included

- lots of fix


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