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  • Updated Nov 6, 2013
  • Created Oct 20, 2011
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  • Newest File: TempleCraft v0.43 - DevBuild
Support development! **

About TempleCraft

I have stopped working on this plugin but it is currently being continued by bootscreen88. You can find the latest version of the plugin by following the link bellow:



Create worlds dedicated to adventure maps and mini-games.

Great for Jump Maps, Puzzles, Adventures and Arenas!

Latest News:
Hey guys, I know a lot of people like this plugin but I'm taking a break from it because I became more interested in other things. If/when I continue to work on the plugin, I'll take this message down.
Thanks for all the support :)

Download TempleCraft v0.43 - DevBuild

Source|Download Temples|Upload Temples

If you upload your temples, more people will be more likely to upload and we can get a great thing going :)

If you use TempleCraft on your servers, you can help me out by reading this! Thank you.

Plugins for Dummies Showcase:


  • Kill monsters to get currency (supports Register)!
  • Inventory, Health, FoodLevel, and XP is saved and restored when joining/editing a temple and leaving a temple.
  • No need to worry about waiting to play a temple! Use one temple to play multiple games at the same time!

  • Enter creative mode automatically when editing temples!
  • NO REGIONS! Because TempleCraft uses worlds for it's temples, you will never again have to deal with setting up regions.
  • Temples can only be edited by their creators, who they choose to add to the temple and players with specific permission.
  • Use Bedrock, Gold Blocks, Iron Blocks, Diamond Blocks and Signs instead of commands!!
    • Bedrock = Mob Spawnpoint
    • Gold Block on Iron Block = Lobby Starting Block
    • Diamond Block on Iron Block = Temple Spawnpoint
    • Diamond Block on Gold Block = Temple End Block
    • Container Block on Iron Block = Reward Block

  • TempleCraft Worlds are removed when they're not in use, so they won't clog up your server folder!
  • Click signs or stand over signs underground to join temples!
  • Supports Permissions


  1. Adventure - Get from point A to point B
  2. Spleef - Break the wool blocks from under your opponents feet, sending them into lava (Need to fix the winner message)
  3. Race - Race against your opponents and yourself. Get the high score!
  4. PVP - (Beta) Fight against other players in teams or solo.

How to create your first Temple

How to Import a Temple

Tools for Temples

Commands & Permissions

Editing Config.yml

To Do

In no specific order...

  • Create a new video
  • Improve PvP and add other gametypes
  • Add setting to choose to not use Spout
  • Add Cost for temple
  • Add Environment Support
  • Add Signs for hoards of mobs
  • Add Custom Mobs/Bosses
  • Add Potion/Enchantment Support
  • Allow Temples to have separate Entrances and Exits
  • Add High Score Boards
  • Add Option to not alter inventory in Temples
  • Add Different general ways to end Temples
  • Add Option to join Temple in Progress
  • Maybe Add a way to loose Temples

Test the plugin out for yourself!

Servers that use TempleCraft


This plugin is based off of garbagemule's plugin MobArena.
Thank you so much for the inspiration and jumping off point! I couldn't have made this plugin without you :)

Also special thanks to:

tommytony and his plugin War
echeese and his plugin FlatLands

  • Added 1.0 support (CB1565)
  • Added language support (Woo!)
    Supports "en-US" which is English (default) and "pl" for Polish in config file
    Not everything is translated, and not everything that is translated is translated perfectly. There are limitations due to minecraft and what characters you can use. Also, I haven't added support for EVERY phrase or line because it's very tedious. None the less, A million thanks to @iDarecki for translating into Polish :D
  • Added Teams to GameTypes (just put wool blocks on top of lobby blocks and spawn blocks to set them up for teams)
  • Added PVP game type (haven't tested because I only have one account)
  • Added Support for Spout (will export automatically on first run if you don't have it)
  • Added Heroes Support Framework (Heroes does not support 1.0 yet so it won't do anything)
  • Fixed Bugs
  • Much is untested, so I'm calling it a DevBuild, but it seems to be running pretty well so far.


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