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About TeleportSuite


Notice! I am currently very busy with both work and school. Please refrain from feature requests and only post bug reports, as I am unable to do extra work at this time.

TeleportSuite is a simple teleportation plugin which allows players to request teleports to each other with the commands /tpa and /tpahere, and accept or reject those requests with /tpaccept or /tpreject. It offers the admin type commands /tp and /tphere to teleport immediately, without a request (assuming the user is toggled to receive requests), and /tpo and /tpohere to override any user settings and teleport immediately.

By krinsdeath

Useful Stuff

  1. Source Code - Jenkins
    1.1. Use of the plugin builds from Jenkins is unofficial, unsupported and unapproved by BukkitDev Staff!
  2. Default 'config.yml' file
  3. Default 'english.yml' localization file
  4. Full Command List


  • Very easy and very powerful commands, reminiscent of all of your favorites.
  • Accept and reject all requests easily with /tpaccept -all or /tpreject -all. Use /tptoggle to immediately reject all requests.
  • New! /tpm and /tpmhere for moderators: send a request from one player to another, without giving your players access to /tpa or /tpahere.
  • /tpcoords will display your current location and your currently faced direction.
  • Superperms support to give users any number of commands, to your taste
  • Fully customizable messages for every command, including the ability to remove them altogether.
  • Additional localizations are possible. Simply copy your english.yml into another file, save it as whatever.yml, and then add the language to the available list in TeleportSuite. If your system is UTF-8 capable, you can even use foreign language characters by specifying -Dfile.encoding=UTF-8 in your command line. If you've written a language file and want it included in TeleportSuite, email me or private message me.


  • Permission Node - Description. (default value)
  • teleport.* - Balloon permission to activate all others. (no default)
    • teleport.tpa - Allows this user to use /tpa, to request a teleport to a user, unless their toggle status is true. (true)
    • teleport.tpahere - Allows this user to use /tpahere, to request that a user teleport to them, unless their toggle status is true. (true)
    • - Allows this user to use /tp, to telepor to a user immediately, unless their toggle status is set to true. (op)
    • teleport.tphere - Allows this user to use /tphere, to teleport a user without confirmation, unless their toggle status is set to true. (op)
    • teleport.tpm - Allows a user to request a /tpa on behalf of another player. (op) (bypasses teleport.tpa permission)
    • teleport.tpmhere - Allows a user to request a /tpahere on behalf of another player. (op) (bypasses teleport.tpahere permission)
    • teleport.tpo - Allows this user to use /tpo, to teleport to a user immediately. (false)
    • teleport.tpohere - Allows this user to use /tpohere, to teleport a user to their location immediately. (false)
    • teleport.location - Allows this user to use /tploc to teleport to a location. (op)
    • - Allows this user to teleport to a world's spawn point. (op)
      •* - Allows this user to teleport into all worlds. (true)
      • - Allows this user to teleport into the world specified.
    • teleport.back - Allows this user to use /tpback or /back, to teleport to their last known location. (true)
    • teleport.coords - Allows this user to display their current location with /tpcoords or /coords. (true)
    • teleport.accept, teleport.reject, teleport.toggle - Allows this user to accept, reject, or toggle whether or not they want to be notified of requests when they receive them (if a user toggles their status, they will automatically reject any requests they receive). (true)
    • teleport.requests - Allows this user to display their open requests, or any requests they've made, with /tprequests (true)
    • teleport.cancel - Allows this user to cancel their active request (if they have one), with /tpcancel (true)
    • teleport.silent - Allows the user to toggle their stealth setting with /silent; silences any /tpo or /tpohere command used by the sender
    • teleport.language - Allows a user to choose a language from the available languages list with /tplang.

Convenience Permissions

  • teleport.users
    • teleport.tpa, teleport.tpahere, teleport.accept, teleport.reject, teleport.toggle, teleport.requests, teleport.cancel,,*, teleport.back, teleport.coords
  • teleport.mods
    • teleport.users,, teleport.tphere,, teleport.location, teleport.vanilla
  • teleport.admins
    • teleport.mods, teleport.tpo, teleport.tpohere, teleport.silent, teleport.rewind

Version 2.2.4 b170

  • Economy transaction changes and fixes.
  • Added ability for players to bypass economy charges with a permission node.
  • Added ability for players to check another player's requests with a permission node.

Version 2.2.2 b160

  • Improved the error detection for a few impossible errors from plugins like Citizens doing terrible things
  • Fixed an NPE caused when a player quits with an invalid status
  • Fixed issues with /back and /rewind
  • Added TeleportRequestEvent for external API.
  • Added Fe-conomy support via AllPay 11.
  • See compare for full details.

Version 2.2 b108

  • Updated to 1.3.1-R1.0 and AsyncPlayerChatEvent
  • Fixed a possible concurrency issue.

Version 2.2 b104

  • Fixed build number versioning.

Version 2.2 b102

  • Fixed other plugins destroying TeleportSuite's handling of PlayerTeleportEvent
  • Override .equals(), .hashCode() and .toString() in TPDestination to help with error checking.

Version 2.2 b100

  • Added cardinal direction to /coords
  • Added configurable request timeouts
  • Fixed possible NPEs on players issuing commands
  • Performance boosts to sendLocalizedString() and sendMessage()
  • Added /tpm and /tpmhere (moderator versions of /tpa and /tpahere, where you can issue those commands for another player)
  • Fixed /tpaccept and /tpreject NPEs from improperly sanitizing inputs

Version 2.1.2 b95

  • Updated to 1.2.5-R3.0 / 4.0
  • Fixed a few possible NPEs
  • Fixed race condition in Requests list
  • Properly cleanup requests when players log out

Version 2.1.2 b91

  • Removed references to Player and Location objects to improve memory performance
  • Fixed /tpv help menu
  • Added PlayerDeathEvent tracking for /back
  • Added login location as "first" /back location

Version 2.1 b80

  • See commit for full changelog;
  • Additional commits: 49a0514
  • Made help for messages pretty!
  • /reload now works properly. Please fully stop your server and then start it back up.
  • /tpreload is now a command. It will fully reload all configuration files.
  • /tplang is now a command. /tplang [language] to set your localization, or just /tplang to list available.
  • 1.1-R5 compatible. Tested against CraftBukkit b1951, b1958, b1963.

Version 2.0.1 b76

  • Fixed Z being set to Y value in /tpcoords;

Version 2.0.1 b73

  • Misc bugfixes
  • Fixed /tpcoords
  • Added /tploc (sorry everyone!)
  • Reverted to original /tpw format for saving last known world locations; this might temporarily reset your location, but shouldn't otherwise impact you
  • Fixed /tp - Now uses permission to determine if you can use it to teleport one player to another.
  • Other stuff

Version 2.0 b69

  • Complete rewrite of plugin
  • Added /tpsilent - silences messages sent when using /tpo and /tpohere
  • Added /tpvanilla [player from] [player to] - Teleports players the same way the default Minecraft /tp does
  • Added economy support
  • Code cleanup and optimization
  • Moved to Bukkit's new event system

Version 1.2 b61

  • Fixed the shenanigans when starting up with a blank config file.
  • Plugin no longer auto-updates its own config with missing keys. This was too costly and difficult to maintain.
  • Plugin now tracks build numbers in version for easier debugging.

Version 1.1.6 b59

  • Actually fixed /tptoggle
  • Fixed dangling requests after /tpaccept without parameters
  • /tpo and /tpohere no longer broadcast a message to either player when teleporting.
  • Added aliases:
    • /tpacc (/tpaccept)
    • /tprej (/tpreject)
    • /tpr (/tprequests)

Version 1.1.5 b58

  • Added
  • Added EntityDeathEvent tracking for /back (
  • Changed finalName in pom
  • Added onPlayerTeleport() tracking (
  • Added '/tpt' alias for /tptoggle
  • Hopefully fixed possible null pointer when using /tptoggle

Version 1.1.4 b19

  • Fixed ConcurrentModificationException when quitting with multiple requests

Version 1.1.3 b18

  • Fixed /tpworld, now teleports to the center of the last block you were in
  • Fixed /tploc, now parses doubles appropriately when saving locations

Version 1.1.2 b17

  • Fixed /tpcancel

Version 1.1.1 b16

  • Fixed a few minor glitches
  • Fixed ArrayIndexOutOfBounds in
  • Fixed /tprequests not doing anything
  • Restructured plugin.yml
  • Moved plugin to load: startup instead of standard loading.

Version 1.1.0 b15

  • Initial BukkitDev release
  • Moved from my own command executor to CommandHandler.
  • Implemented /tpworld and /tpcoords
  • Moved all commands to the top command /teleport. All commands should still work normally.
  • Hopefully fixed PLAYER_QUIT, PLAYER_JOIN, PLAYER_KICK null pointers, as well as dangling requests.
  • Fixed /tprequests not showing your own request if you have no open requests.
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