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  • Updated Jun 1, 2014
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About Teleport + Home


Follow me on twitter to receive news and updates about this and other projects of mine. Also coming soon - a beta tester "channel" through twitter. I'd like to get a few people to test out the plugin and find kinks before submitting it here. Please follow and notify me through twitter if you wish to be part of the project. Also tempted to get some other people onboard with the project. If you have ideas/would like to contribute code, shoot me a tweet or a PM.

The project is now open source. If you would like to fork it, please include some sort of credit in the code - it doesn't have to be public, just there somewhere. If you find something wrong/find a better way to do something, feel free to point it out, I will credit you here and in the file.


This plugin handles everything to do with teleportation. Teleport to player locations, areas, and homes. While complex in nature, simple commands and interfaces allows players to easily manage their homes, admins to manage areas, and everyone to manage teleport requests. Easy to read save format means that server owners to manually edit home locations and areas. Language support means that, with community support, this plugin can be deployed in any country.

Langage Files

An english language file can be found hereand french here.

Navigation: Commands, Permissions, Coming Up


  • maxhomes - maximum number of homes allowed per user.
  • updatenotify - true/false will control update notifications
  • updateenable - enable to have the plugin check for updates
  • components.* - enable/disable plugin components
  • cache - option to cache language strings. Basically with this option it won't go to the file every time to read the string. Requires more memory.
  • language - whatever your language file is called before the extension.


If you enjoy using the plugin, please consider donating/buying me a beer for all my work. Donation link can be found just above the search bar.

  • bug fixes ("you do not have the required permission")
  • new area and home "send" command to send players to the requested home or area - tied to the permission node teleport.area.send and teleport.send
  • new command aliases ... see the description for details
  • updater has been removed to comply with bukkit ToS until I get time to use the Curse API
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