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  • Updated Dec 17, 2016
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  • License: GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
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What it does

TARDIS is a plugin that gives you the ability to create a Police Box that lets you time travel (teleport) to random locations. It adds a Whovian twist to the typical /sethome and /home commands.

As a player, you can:

  • Create a TARDIS that is bigger on the inside.
  • Time travel to a random location.
  • Time travel back home (where you created the TARDIS initially).
  • Save and list interesting time travel locations, so you can return to them easily.
  • Take companions with you when you time travel.
  • Make your TARDIS blend in with the Chameleon Circuit.
  • Use your own schematic to build the TARDIS interior
  • Grow new TARDIS rooms
  • Use Artron Energy
  • Remote control the TARDIS
  • Custom TARDIS sounds with companion Resource Pack
  • Custom TARDIS textures with companion Resource Pack - requires MCPatcher with CTM and CIT


Ticket policy

WARNING: I am no longer prepared to waste my time looking at incomplete tickets. If your ticket does not follow the guidelines set out below, it will be deleted immediately!


Video trailer


Official documentation & FAQs

The documentation is here: http://eccentricdevotion.github.io/TARDIS/

The documentation contains a frequently asked questions (FAQs) page, please check this first before posting a question in the comments.

Tutorial videos for version 2+ (also included in the official docs)

Not all of these are up-to-date...

  1. Installation
  2. Creating a TARDIS - this one is!
  3. Growing rooms and the Gravity well and changing Walls
  4. Time travelling
  5. Recharging Artron Energy - Updated with energy condenser chest!
  6. Companions


What's new?

Change log here



As a minimum, just drop the TARDIS.jar and any optional plugins listed below into the Bukkit plugins folder and start your server. For more detailed instructions see: http://eccentricdevotion.github.io/TARDIS/installation.html

Optional installs

These are not needed for TARDIS to function, but enhance the plugin with extra features...

  • Install the TARDIS-SoundResourcePack in the Minecraft client to hear custom TARDIS sounds
  • Install the TARDIS-MCP Resource Pack in the Minecraft client to see custom TARDIS textures
  • Install Multiverse-Core so you have multiple worlds to travel to. This is also required if you want to generate TARDISes in their own self-conatined world, and grow rooms.
  • Install the TARDISChunkGenerator plugin so that you can generate TARDISes in their own self-conatined world (included in the ZIP download).
  • Install WorldGuard to automatically protect your TARDIS from griefing, and stop mobs spawning in TARDIS worlds.
  • Install WorldBorder to restrict the size of the worlds generated for TARDIS occupation (or just use the vanilla Minecraft World Border feature).
  • Install TARDISWeepingAngels to add some Whovian mobs to the game.
  • Install a Permissions plugin, so that you can restrict or grant players the rights to use TARDIS’ different features. We like PermissionsBukkit.
  • Install ProtocolLib so that the TARDIS Zero Room is completely detached from the universe and the TARDIS Keyboard is editable by clicking it
  • Install LibsDisguises so that you can use the Genetic Manipulator / Immortality Gate


Other important pages

Subject Link
Configuration http://eccentricdevotion.github.io/TARDIS/configuration.html
Commands http://eccentricdevotion.github.io/TARDIS/commands.html
Permissions http://eccentricdevotion.github.io/TARDIS/permissions.html
Player submitted
Huge thanks to markdf for hosting these
Change log http://eccentricdevotion.github.io/TARDIS/change-log.html
TARDIS Github repository https://github.com/eccentricdevotion/TARDIS
Official todo list https://github.com/eccentricdevotion/TARDIS/blob/v3.6/todo.md
Bleeding edge builds
(Will not always
be available)
Development builds of this project can be acquired at the provided continuous integration server.
These builds have not been approved by the BukkitDev staff. Use them at your own risk.
Latest TARDIS Build (Jenkins)
Bleeding edge changes/commits


Bugs / Requests

Please post a ticket for TARDIS plugin requests and bugs, thank you :)

WARNING: I am no longer prepared to waste my time looking at incomplete tickets. If your ticket does not follow the guidelines set out below, it will be deleted immediately!

Make sure you have read the FAQs first, as your question may already be answered there. Also make sure you have searched for a previous ticket with the same/similar issue (use the Filters to search closed tickets).

If you are going to create a BUG ticket you need to supply relevant information (as I'm not a mind reader, nor do I have access to your server...) - as a minimum you need:

  1. Exact CraftBukkit version i.e. NOT 'the latest' - use the /tardis version command
  2. Exact TARDIS version i.e. NOT 'the latest' - use the /tardis version command
  3. The server log showing the entire error (as a paste or at Pastebin - NOT a screenshot) - this should be the log from when the server starts up right through to when the error occurs
  4. If no error in the log, then a video of the bug happening or the EXACT steps needed to reproduce the issue.
  5. Attach your plugins/TARDIS/config.yml file or other configuration file if relevant
  6. Attach your plugins/TARDIS/TARDIS.db file
  7. List of other plugins on server
  8. And read this: How to file bugs



Basic statistics are collected for some versions of the TARDIS plugin (v2.5.8 and earlier). You can opt out at any time by setting opt-out: true in plugins/PluginMetrics/config.yml


External web access

Version 2.8 (and higher) of this plugin includes a translation feature (the /tardissay command) that connects to Microsoft's translation service. The URLs it connects to are:

You can prevent players from using the command by removing / not giving them the permission tardis.translate

TARDIS Achievement


Requires TARDISChunkGenerator v2.5.1 (download below)


  • Updated for Spigot 1.11
    • Added new blocks
    • Added new mobs
  • Added more biome adaptive presets
  • Added new Chameleon Circuit GUI — see http://eccentricdevotion.github.io/TARDIS/chameleon-circuit.html
  • Added the ability to archive a TARDIS console
  • Added room costs to the ARS GUI
  • Added a /tardis construct [line] [text with colour codes] command to set the text on the TARDIS’ exterior sign (when using the CONSTRUCT preset)
  • Added a SMELTER room
  • Added a Llama STALL room
  • Added a /tardisadmin repair [player] [number] command
  • Added clean & repair buttons to the Desktop Theme GUI
  • Added an admin command /tardisadmin set_size [player] [size]
  • Add Polar Bears and Llamas to /tardis eject command
  • Added a companions menu button to control panel


  • Removed the /tardis chameleon commands
  • Converted NEW / OLD preset TARDISes with non blue wool walls to CONSTRUCT presets (due to new Chameleon Circuit GUI functionality)
  • The default preset for new installs is now set to FACTORY on TARDIS creation
  • TARDIS seed blocks no longer have a Chameleon or lamp block (use the Chameleon Construct GUI)
  • Use save-disks when in Junk Mode on hard difficulty
  • Use Multiverse world name alias if available
  • Changed the jettison permission to tardis.jettison
  • Allow rebuilding to the INVISIBLE preset if the previous preset was visible
  • You can no longer use biome travel in the Skaro world
  • Improved the SQLite to MySQL database converter
  • To access TARDISWeepingAngels monsters in the Genetic Manipulator, trigger the pressure plate while sneaking
  • Condenser records are now purged when deleting a TARDIS (as the records are tied to the tardis_id)
  • Updated the Universal Translator to use new Microsoft Azure Portal


  • Fixed ridiculously slow Ender Dragon movement
  • Fixed companion anti-build
  • Update the WorldGuard region when claiming an abandoned TARDIS
  • Fixed timeout problems with the cave finder feature
  • Fixed ENDER console entry in TARDIS Information System
  • Fixed breaking BEACON blocks
  • Fixed the handbrake not being able to be engaged if the Invisibility Circuit is engaged while floating in the vortex
  • Check the player has condensed blocks for all rooms
  • Fixed the RAIL room dropping items before teleporting the cart
  • Disallow the /tardis comehere command while the TARDIS is materialising
  • Prevent un-sieging in excluded worlds
  • Fixed the TARDIS umbrella being added twice and not being removed
  • Fixed wrong stained glass colour in dematerialisation animation
  • Fixed being able to jettison the console in the ARS GUI
  • Fixed Siege Mode block not appearing
  • Fixed setting the Universal Translator language preference
  • Fixed opening player inventories with the Admin Sonic
  • Fixed the permission for bypassing acid damage
  • Don’t go into an endless loop if the TARDIS console beacon has been moved / removed
  • Fixed skeletons not spawning in the nether
  • Fixed the SQLite to MySQL database converter
  • Fixed most seeds and flowers dropping from Biome presets
  • Lots of other small bugfixes...
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