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What it does

TARDIS is a plugin that gives you the ability to create a Police Box that lets you time travel (teleport) to random locations. It adds a Whovian twist to the typical /sethome and /home commands.

As a player, you can:

  • Create a TARDIS that is bigger on the inside.
  • Time travel to a random location.
  • Time travel back home (where you created the TARDIS initially).
  • Save and list interesting time travel locations, so you can return to them easily.
  • Take companions with you when you time travel.
  • Make your TARDIS blend in with the Chameleon Circuit.
  • Use your own schematic to build the TARDIS interior
  • Grow new TARDIS rooms
  • Use Artron Energy
  • Remote control the TARDIS
  • Custom TARDIS sounds with companion Resource Pack
  • Custom TARDIS textures with companion Resource Pack - requires MCPatcher with CTM and CIT

Ticket policy

WARNING: I am no longer prepared to waste my time looking at incomplete tickets. If your ticket does not follow the guidelines set out below, it will be deleted immediately!

Video trailer

Official documentation & FAQs

The documentation is here: http://eccentricdevotion.github.io/TARDIS/

The documentation contains a frequently asked questions (FAQs) page, please check this first before posting a question in the comments.

Tutorial videos for version 2+ (also included in the official docs)

Not all of these are up-to-date...

  1. Installation
  2. Creating a TARDIS - this one is!
  3. Growing rooms and the Gravity well and changing Walls
  4. Time travelling
  5. Recharging Artron Energy - Updated with energy condenser chest!
  6. Companions

What's new?

Change log here


As a minimum, just drop the TARDIS.jar and any optional plugins listed below into the Bukkit plugins folder and start your server. For more detailed instructions see: http://eccentricdevotion.github.io/TARDIS/installation.html

Optional installs

These are not needed for TARDIS to function, but enhance the plugin with extra features...

  • Install the TARDIS-SoundResourcePack in the Minecraft client to hear custom TARDIS sounds
  • Install the TARDIS-MCP Resource Pack in the Minecraft client to see custom TARDIS textures
  • Install Multiverse-Core so you have multiple worlds to travel to. This is also required if you want to generate TARDISes in their own self-conatined world, and grow rooms.
  • Install the TARDISChunkGenerator plugin so that you can generate TARDISes in their own self-conatined world (included in the ZIP download).
  • Install WorldGuard to automatically protect your TARDIS from griefing, and stop mobs spawning in TARDIS worlds.
  • Install WorldBorder to restrict the size of the worlds generated for TARDIS occupation (or just use the vanilla Minecraft World Border feature).
  • Install TARDISWeepingAngels to add some Whovian mobs to the game.
  • Install a Permissions plugin, so that you can restrict or grant players the rights to use TARDIS’ different features. We like PermissionsBukkit.
  • Install ProtocolLib so that the TARDIS Zero Room is completely detached from the universe and the TARDIS Keyboard is editable by clicking it
  • Install LibsDisguises so that you can use the Genetic Manipulator / Immortality Gate

Other important pages

Player submitted
Huge thanks to markdf for hosting these
Change loghttp://eccentricdevotion.github.io/TARDIS/change-log.html
TARDIS Github repositoryhttps://github.com/eccentricdevotion/TARDIS
Official todo listhttps://github.com/eccentricdevotion/TARDIS/blob/v3.6/todo.md
Bleeding edge builds
(Will not always
be available)
Development builds of this project can be acquired at the provided continuous integration server.
These builds have not been approved by the BukkitDev staff. Use them at your own risk.
Latest TARDIS Build (Jenkins) - Latest TARDIS Build (Mirror)
Bleeding edge changes/commits

Bugs / Requests

Please post a ticket for TARDIS plugin requests and bugs, thank you :)

WARNING: I am no longer prepared to waste my time looking at incomplete tickets. If your ticket does not follow the guidelines set out below, it will be deleted immediately!

Make sure you have read the FAQs first, as your question may already be answered there. Also make sure you have searched for a previous ticket with the same/similar issue (use the Filters to search closed tickets).

If you are going to create a BUG ticket you need to supply relevant information (as I'm not a mind reader, nor do I have access to your server...) - as a minimum you need:

  1. Exact CraftBukkit version i.e. NOT 'the latest' - use the /tardis version command
  2. Exact TARDIS version i.e. NOT 'the latest' - use the /tardis version command
  3. The server log showing the entire error (as a paste or at Pastebin - NOT a screenshot) - this should be the log from when the server starts up right through to when the error occurs
  4. If no error in the log, then a video of the bug happening or the EXACT steps needed to reproduce the issue.
  5. Attach your plugins/TARDIS/config.yml file or other configuration file if relevant
  6. Attach your plugins/TARDIS/TARDIS.db file
  7. List of other plugins on server
  8. And read this: How to file bugs


Basic statistics are collected for some versions of the TARDIS plugin (v2.5.8 and earlier). You can opt out at any time by setting opt-out: true in plugins/PluginMetrics/config.yml

External web access

Version 2.8 (and higher) of this plugin includes a translation feature (the /tardissay command) that connects to Microsoft's translation service. The URLs it connects to are:

You can prevent players from using the command by removing / not giving them the permission tardis.translate

TARDIS Achievement

TARDIS v3.6.2


  • Use Multiverse aliases if possible for the /tardistravel command and listing rechargers


  • The Architectural Reconfiguration GUI now shows the Artron Energy cost for rooms

Bug fixes

  • Fixed breaking BEACON blocks when they weren't Rift Manipulators
  • Fixed setting invisibility while drifting in vortex breaking the handbrake

TARDIS v3.6.1


  • Added a config option to planets.yml to set whether the world is an empty "void" world - void: [true|false] - if not set, will default to false. This will speed up random location finding considerably.


  • Falling in to the Time Vortex in TARDIS worlds now uses the preferences.vortex_fall config option regardless of whether the player was kicked.
  • The plugin now allows the /tardis make_her_blue command to turn off Junk Mode.
  • When claiming an abandoned TARDIS the WorldGuard region is updated with the the claiming player's UUID.
  • When the plugin difficulty is set to hard, you can now use Save Storage Disks to set the Junk Mode destination.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed blocks required for IGLOO room when growth.rooms_require_blocks is true.
  • Made sure Junk Mode is ON before allowing it to be OFF (and vice versa).
  • Fixed a NullPointerException related to the perception filter when disabling the plugin.
  • Added more world checks to cave finder to prevent server crashes when running the /tardistravel cave command in empty "void" worlds.
  • Fixed the ENDER console entry in TARDIS Information System.


  • TARDIS requires TARDISChunkGenerator v2.4.1 and CraftBukkit 1.10


  • Updated for Minecraft 1.10
    • Added new blocks
    • Added new mobs
    • Fixed spawn eggs
  • Added the ability to create a Skaro world - see more details here: Skaro
  • Added the ability to have per-world resource packs
  • Added beetroot to the Sonic replanter feature
  • Added the ENDER console designed by ToppanaFIN - seed block: PURPUR_BLOCK
  • Added CORAL console designed by vistaero - seed block: NETHER_WART_BLOCK
  • Added the Sonic Generator
  • Added an Igloo room and the ability to farm Polar Bears
  • Added a 3% chance a Dalek will form when building a snowman in the TARDIS
  • Added auto_powerup_on to player prefs to make the TARDIS power up when entering
  • Added the ability to dematerialise without setting a destination
  • If a player tries to toggle the handbrake when the door is open, closing the door within 30 seconds now starts dematerialisation
  • Added the ability to abandon a TARDIS
    • config - abandon.enabled: [true|false], abandon.reduce_count: [true|false]
    • permission - tardis.abandon
    • commands - /tardis abandon, /tardisadmin list abandoned - TARDIS admins can click an entry in the abandoned list to enter or delete that TARDIS (requires ProtocolLib)
    • players can claim an abandoned TARDIS by being the first person to power it up
    • the config option allow.power_down must be true
  • Added hum player preference and GUI to set the TARDIS interior hum sound effect preference - use the Sonic Preferences GUI or the /tardisprefs hum [sound name] command
  • Added Acid Batteries, the Rift Circuit, Rift Manipulator and the Rust Plague Sword
    • /tardisrecipe [acid-battery|rift-circuit|rift-manipulator|rust]
    • Acid Batteries and the Rift Circuit are ingredients in crafting the Rift Manipulator
    • The Rift Manipulator allows players to create personal TARDIS rechargers - permission tardis.rift


  • New sound effects for quick materialisations (hide/rebuild)
  • Lots of other sound effect changes - update the TARDISSounds resource pack!
  • The interior hum when entering TARDIS now only plays if player has SFX pref ON
  • The remote key hide and rebuild feature now has a cooldown period
  • The remote key no longer functions if the TARDIS is powered down
  • Sound effects now play for TARDIS autonomous homing
  • Companions can now perform rescues via the telepathic circuit
  • The language localisation files are now easier to translate
  • Refresh the chunk after changing the biome - world.refeshChunk() is now deprecated because it doesn’t work reliably. TARDISChunkGenerator now has a method to send a PacketPlayOutMapChunk packet to the client to achieve this
  • Use the new VOID biome for the TARDIS interior - update the TARDIS-MCP resource pack! - existing TARDIS interior biomes will be updated to use VOID instead of SKY, this should stop pesky Endermen spawning
  • The control Centre has been updated with all TARDIS functions, and now displays relevant TARDIS information. Clicking the Control Centre sign while sneaking will open the keyboard
  • If TARDISWeepingAngels is enabled Whovian monsters now show in the scanner results and the messages when they enter the TARDIS
  • Zombie Villagers that enter the TARDIS now keep their profession
  • The TARDIS beacon will now turn red if there is a malfunction
  • Removed the police_box.materialise config option
  • New TARDISes will only have the new Control Centre sign and not all the others (they can still be added if desired using the /tardis update command)
  • Added more opportunity for no_destination_malfunctions
  • Toggling Junk Mode now respects the rebuild cooldown period

Bug fixes

  • Don't engage HADS if the TARDIS is powered down
  • Explicitly specify the required server version in the plugin disable message
  • Remove players from the travellers table if they respawned in a non-TARDIS world
  • Restore grass paths after the TARDIS has landed on them
  • Set an under door block if the TARDIS materialises in the air
  • Fixed a null message when the TARDIS malfunctions
  • Update the player's inventory after they try (and are denied) placing a siege cube in the render room
  • Fixed the database prefix option on first run
  • Only transmat a player to the Renderer room if they are still in the TARDIS world - they may have disconnected from the server or exited the TARDIS
  • Revert Siege mode wall/floor changes when disengaging from outside the TARDIS
  • Change the SQLite siege wall & floor defaults to be the same as MySQL
  • Add missing 1.9 attributes to inventory saving
  • Prevented use of more controls when in Siege Mode
  • Fixed the MySQL database converter
  • Added missing [help|tab completion] entries for commands
  • Fixed spelling mistakes in some TARDIS messages
  • Fixed the Junk Mode save sign not working after a new TARDIS was created, and persist Junk Mode players between server restarts
  • Fixed the INVISIBLE chameleon preset not updating the exterior door location
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