Solar Apocalypse

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  • Updated Mar 7, 2015
  • Created May 4, 2012
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About Solar Apocalypse


The worlds rotation is slowing, We must move underground to Survive!

Solar Apocalypse is a survival game, to make mine craft even harder! The mod destroys all plant and animal life on the surface over a span of 4 days. Players are forced to move underground and try to survive as long as they can.

Mod Features

Natural looking Destruction and Regrowth

  • World Changes to a fiery or frozen wasteland.
  • All exposed plant life dies off.
  • Biomes Change to desert during the day and tundra at night.
  • The world can be slowly restored with the regrow system a few blocks at a time.

Day GamePlay Mechanics

  • Lava balls fall from the sky
  • Anything exposed to Sun Light will burst into flames.
  • Colored glass can protect from the suns death rays.

Night GamePlay Mechanics

  • Players and Animals take cold damage when away from heat sources (lights) even under ground!
  • Full Leather armor can keep players warm underground, but not outside.
  • Players can see there breath when they are getting too far from the light.
  • Snow Piles up to form huge drifts.
  • Super lighting storms strike without warning.

Time Control

  • The time length of Day, Night and Dusk/Dawn can be independently increased, decreased or skipped entirely.
  • Players can right click a clock for info about whats going on and how much time is left.

Mulit-World Support

  • You can destroy as many worlds as you like in many different ways.
  • Destruction pauses if no players are in the world

Fully Customizable World Config

Basic Commands

  • /apocadmin -plugins help
  • /apocadmin [worldName] Start - Starts Solar Apocalypse on [worldName]
  • /apocadmin [worldName] Stop - Stops Solar Apocalypse
  • For More Advanced commands Click Here

How To Install and run

  1. Download the plugin
  2. Place the .jar file in your plugins directory.
  3. Run the server.
  4. To start a game type "/ApocAdmin world start" where world is the name of the world you want to destroy!
  5. Enjoy the game!
  6. type "/ApocAdmin world stop" to stop.


SolarApocalypse.ApocAdmin access to the /ApocAdmin command


Will this work with the newest Bukkit / Minecraft version
yes, if you find a problem open a ticket.

I welcome any help or suggestions! Please Use ticked system for bugs and new ideas!

Cephrus version for minecraft


Solar_Apocalypse V2.3.4

  1. Fixed config bugs in 1.8

Solar_Apocalypse V2.3.2

  1. Fixed bug with day advance again

Solar_Apocalypse V2.3.1

  1. Fixed bug with day advance

Solar_Apocalypse V2.3

  1. Added Ticker to config and default now 100
  2. Stained glass now protects the ground any color
  3. One World Per update path.
  4. Day Night only modes removed now part of multipliers
  5. Default Config changed to use new multipliers
  6. added warning at apoc start.
  7. config files are now kept in the worlds own folder in /world/ApocConfig.yml.
  8. Huge over-hall to the time system
  9. removed multiplier
  10. Weather report redo now doomsday clock more usefull info and better count down.
  11. fixed moon phase problem.
  12. added regrow for dusk/day/night
  13. added new time multipliers dusk/day/night
  14. Regrow now holds destruction and works on 10 blocks per update.

Solar_Apocalypse V2.2.3

  1. added _ApocRegrow world for regrow info
  2. added regrow option true/false
  3. skip _ApocRegrow worlds in worlds list
  4. disable apoc start on _ApocRegrow worlds
  5. added - Day0Reset and - RegrowStart to config
  6. fixed bug with y60 lag

Solar_Apocalypse V2.2.2

  1. Special color characters removed from MOTD now uses $ for color and $day

Solar_Apocalypse V2.2.1

  1. fixed bug with water flow.
  2. Switch regrow data to signs vs comand blocks, less lag.
  3. Fixed bug with regrow and tree types.
  4. added MOTD in config if motd is enabled this is set to the servers motd can use a place holder for current day.
  5. added - yell in config yell sends a msg to all players in the world.
  6. fixed bug with world reload Not cleaing up fully.
  7. fixed more bugs with Water and regrow.
  8. fixed bugs with Regrow Signs
  9. added more debug tools to the Clock
  10. Added debug check memory useage
  11. fixed a console error with Waterflow mode.
  12. fixed bug with regrow not marking a chunk as finished
  13. fixed bug with CHunkGetter not finishing.
  14. Apoc works on chunks closer to players first.

Solar_Apocalypse V2.2.0

  1. added some debug tools to clock
  2. added hidden Debug command
  3. custom config per world.
  4. fixed small bug with auto start console log.
  5. fixed bug causeing all worlds to use same days blocks.
  6. added Regrow to config.
  7. Rebuild Keystone system
  8. BlockChangeHandler now static
  9. Reload now load one worlds config
  10. changed default config to regrow on day 100
  11. Added "Splated's Weather report" to the clock (I want some props!)

Solar_Apocalypse V2.1.B

  1. Added multi-world
  2. Total Command OverHaul to handle multi-worlds
  3. Config changes to handle multi-worlds
  4. Return of Snowpiler
  5. Added MOTD Changer (only works with 1 world for now)

Solar_Apocalypse V2.0.B

  1. New Config Files
  2. Config now uses Material names
  3. Added water on/off to stop the cool but laggy water effects.
  4. Remove Block Bits (I will miss them)
  5. added /apoc regrow will restore a chunk back to the orginal Seed gen state
  6. added console msg about apoc Lag reductions.
  7. fixed /apoc reload
  8. added block learn for debug mode

Solar_Apocalypse V1.8.B

  1. Bug Fix for 1.7.2

Solar_Apocalypse V1.7.2

  1. fixed bug with an Empty day or night list
  2. Update to 1.6.2

Solar_Apocalypse V1.7.1

  1. fixed half brick and flying burning bug.
  2. added LightingBomb
  3. made lava bombs flowing lava not source blocks lava
  4. added not 0 data wild card "N0"
  5. Some more water tweaks

Solar_Apocalypse V1.7

  1. Added New error for start
  2. ExtraEffects
  3. Server Lag metter added
  4. Experimental new Water Removal
  5. Biome changes
  6. Lava Bombs!

Solar_Apocalypse V1.6

  1. Fixed config to prevent default reload on deleted days.
  2. Added "/apoc reload" to change config when server is running.
  3. Changed PlayerFreeze to int value 0 = off 10 = orginal setting;

Solar_Apocalypse V1.5

  1. Stand Alone Again
  2. Added Use Clock for Apoc info.
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