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  • Minecraft
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  • Supports: CB 1.7.2-R0.2
  • 5,992 Total Downloads
  • Updated May 10, 2013
  • Created Sep 27, 2012
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  • Release Type: Beta
  • License: GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
  • Newest File: Version 0.2.0

About Replicator

Replicator by redsgreens. Use this plugin to distribute items and blocks to your players by creating Replicator chests that always contain the same inventory when opened. FIREWORKS, books, items with enchantments, potions, maps, and all normal items are supported. Also fireworks.

The Basics:
Place the items you want to replicate in a chest, then place a sign containing the text "[Replicator]" on the first line (without the quotes) on the ground next to, above, or below the chest. If permissions are configured correctly, then the text on the first line of the sign will turn blue, and if the sign is placed next to the chest, it will attach itself to the chest. Now, every time a player with permission opens the chest, they will always see the items you placed in the chest prior to placing the sign.

To name a replicator and restrict access permission to it, type a word on any of the three remaining lines of the sign.


The chest on the left is named "private" and "replicator.access.private" permission would allow access to it but not the other chest.

This demonstrates how the Replicator sign can be placed above or below the chest. If placed below, the sign could be completely hidden from view.

The following permissions are checked:

  • replicator.create: required to create a replicator
  • replicator.destroy: required to destroy a replicator
  • replicator.access: this grants access to all replicators
  • replicator.access.*: this also grants access to all replicators
  • replicator.access.<name>: grants access to replicators named "name"

If no permissions are configured, then only ops will have the ability to create/destroy/access replicators. If the AllowNonOpAccess config parameter is enabled, then non-ops can access replicators, but not create/destroy them.

Config File:
The following settings are available in the replicator/config.yml file:

  • VerboseStartup: if this is set to "Yes", Replicator will print the values of all settings in the config.yml file at load time. The default is "No".
  • ShowErrorsInClient: toggle that determines if error messages are displayed in the Minecraft client. Defaults to "Yes".
  • AllowNonOpAccess: allows non-operator users to access replicators if no permissions plugin is in use. Defaults to "No".
  • SignTag: allows control of the text on the first line of the replicator signs. Defaults to "Replicator". WARNING: If you change this value after creating some replicators, the contents of those replicators will be lost.

Drop the Replicator.jar file into your Bukkit plugins directory and restart/reload the server. A default config.yml file will be created in the plugins/Replicator folder with the default settings. Customize the config.yml file and restart/reload your server to activate the changes.

Coming soon:

  • Replicator Trapped Chests
  • Suggestions?
  • Added Dropper support