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About Region Preserve

Region Preserve is a very simple, lightweight region protection plugin. It is intended for server owners to protect their spawn areas, tutorials and arenas without the complexity and hassle of using a more advanced anti-grief plugin (like WorldGuard). It is not intended for regular users to protect their own land. The idea of this plugin is that regions aren't just protected but are preserved from the moment they were defined for as long as the region exists.

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Region Preserve is capable of protecting any cuboid region marked out by selecting the two corners. The region can be maxed out from bedrock to sky. Server administrators can specify the global flags that will be applied to all regions, for example mob spawning and leaf decay OR they can specify region specific flags.

To select a region use a stick and left-click a block for position 1 and right-click a block for position 2.


/rp create [name] - Create a region from the selected points with the name [name].

/rp delete [name] - Deletes a region named [name].

/rp flag [region-name] [add/remove] [flag] - Add or remove flags for a region [name].

/rp info - Displays information about the region the player is currently in.

/rp max - Maxes the Y coordinates of the selection from the sky to bedrock.

/rp reload - Reloads the config and region files.

/rp set [region-name] [enter/leave] [message] - Sets a region's enter and leave message. Use %player% for the player and any colour codes eg. (&1)

/rp help - Displays this message.


rp.edit - Able to create and delete preserved regions. - Able to build/destroy blocks in preserved regions.

Region Flags

Essentially, if a region has a flag the particular event is allowed to happen. For example a region with the 'PvP' flag will allow PvP to happen in the region. Flags in bold are the default region flags.

  • use - Regions without this flag stop people opening chests, crafting tables etc.
  • build - Regions with this flag allow people to build and destroy blocks.
  • burn - Regions without this flag will stop fires.
  • fade - Regions without this flag stops blocks from melting/disappearing over time
  • grow - Regions without this flag prevents things from growing (vines/trees) and spreading (grass)
  • leafdecay - Leaves will decay is a region has this flag.
  • explode - Blocks will be destroyed in ANY explosion if a region has this flag.
  • bucket - Regions without this flag blocks the use of buckets (placing and picking up liquids).
  • monsterspawning - Monsters will spawn if a region has this flag (ONLY monsters).
  • animalspawning - Animals will spawn if a region has this flag (ONLY animals).
  • commands - Commands can be used if a region has this flag.
  • mobdespawn - Mobs will never die/despawn if a region has this flag.
  • pvp - Regions with this flag allow PvP in regions, without this flag PvP is blocked.
  • enderpearl - Regions without this flag block the use of enderpearls.


Simply but the RegionPreserve.jar in the plugins folder and restart/reload the server. A config.yml and regions.yml will be generated. Do not edit the regions.yml file, only edit the config.yml file. Type /rp reload to reload the config after any changes.

Future Features

  • More region flags
  • MySQL support

Change Log

Version 1.4.2:

  • Updated to latest Bukkit Dev Build
  • Minor performance improvements

Version 1.4.1:

  • Fixed the deletion of regions
  • Players can no longer use bows in PvP protected regions
  • Other minor bug fixes (no more errors in console)
  • Compiled against Java 6

Version 1.4.0:

  • RegionPreserve will automatically update to the latest version on BukkitDev. This can be disabled in the config.yml file.
  • Regions are now stored in YML format for faster load speeds and less chance of data becoming corrupt.
  • Added the 'enderpearl' flag to stop people using enderpearls in protected regions.
  • Removed the default flags option from the config, all regions must have their flags set individually from now on.
  • Players with permission could not ignite blocks in protected areas, they can now.
  • Added the dropper to the user flag.
  • Added the region enter and leave messages with colours (eg. &b) and player names (%player%)

Source Code:

Freelance Work:

  • Updated to latest Bukkit Dev Build
  • Minor performance improvements


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