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About Region Mod

Region Module

A simple lightweight protection handler plugin


Region Module v1.4.0 is now released! There is an incentive to update as the code has been freshly rewritten to optimize efficiency. New permissions and ideas have been added this build. Offline Support has been implemented once again to Region Module. A huge number of new features have been added, be sure to read the change log for a fill list!

What is it?

Region Module is a semi-conservative plugin that allows players to protect their own lots (via WorldGuard) for a price that can be configured in the config.yml. Region Module is a moderated plugin, meaning that when a player protects a lot, all users with the permission regionmodule.moderate will receive a notice about the protection. Moderators will manually have to go through the queue and accept / deny the protections based on what they are willing to accept and not accept. Players will be refunded about 50% of the original amount that they used to purchase the lot IF it gets denied. Players will receive a notice (If they are online) about if their protection was accepted or not.


Region Module requires the following dependancies to operate correctly

iConomy ~ For Prices

Permissions System ~ For Permissions

WorldEdit ~ For Regions

WorldGuard ~ For Regions

How to use it

Players who have the permission regionmodule.user will be able to use the commands, it's fairly simple, and shouldn't be too hard to explain.

1.) Have players mark out a plot using the WorldGuard wand.

2.) Type /protect {Insert_Some_Protection_Name_Here_Without_The_Curly_Brackets}

3.) Wait for a moderator to accept / deny it.

Once they type /protect their protection activates right away, unless a moderator denies it, then it will be deleted from both Region Module and WorldGuard.


Simply drag and drop RegionModule.jar into the plugins folder and start /restart your server. The configuration file will generate Immediately.


Below is a list of all commands & their function:

/protect NAME protects a region via WorldGuard with the name of argument1.

/childlot NAME creates a childlot in the parent lot the player is standing in

/protection [list,accept,deny,tp purge] Preforms a moderation command. All arguments require a region name except for protection list.


Protection & Childlot Command:


Moderation Commands:




# Region Module ~ By Dpasi314 #


MinimumXLength: 10 // Minimum length of protection on X Axis

MinimumZLength: 10 // Minimum length of protection on Z Axis

MinimumYValue: 0 // How low should the protection go

MaximumYValue: 256 // How high should the protection go

PricePerBlock: 0.0 // How much should a block cost? If set to 10.0, a 10 x 10 lot would cost 1,000


PricePerBlock: 9.0 // How much per block a Childprotection will cost.

Known Issues

Purging doesn't work properly.

Report an Issue


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v1.4.1 - I fixed the Protection issue of it creating the protection if players didn't have enough money.

v1.4.0 offers more support to larger server because of it's increases efficiency. This will decrease the amount of lag that Region Module creates, and It also adds new features! The awaiting protection message has been removed, instead when a player makes a protection you're sent the list of awaiting protections list. Another new feature, protections are now numbered ( Working on implementing protection ID's ) in the [b] FUTURE [/b] you'll be able to /protection tp ID. I added flags for the protections so players can use [code]/protect -c[/code] to see how much a protection will cost. The second flag is [code]/protect -s <protection>[/code] to check the status of a protection: Accepted, Denied, Awaiting Moderation. Also, the childlot command has been re-coded to that you no longer need to provide a parent name when executing the command! The plugin detects the parent and it's name. Child lots still don't go on awaiting protection lists. In the config a [code] ChildlotPricePerBlock [/code] has been added so that child lots cost money. Last but not least, MOAR INFORMATIVE ERROR MESSAGES :D. All in all, Region Module is a better plugin! Update ASAP for all of the new features! Also, I completely removed the offline not working thing it was just too much of a hassle. So yeah, enjoy! tl;dr: UPDATE!

v1.2.1 (Offline Version) ~ Removed offline mode no-support. Issues created for this plugin will not be accepted. Use at your own risk.

v1.2.1 ~ Removed Essentials Dependency and some other changes that I can't remember that you'll just have to accept exist. (Nothing major)

v1.2.0 ~ Cleaned up code, removed offline mode server support.

v1.1.0 ~ Fixed all major bugs! (Protection Costs)

v1.0.0 ~ Initial Release!


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