Rare Item Hunter

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  • Minecraft
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  • Supports: CB 1.5.2-R0.1
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  • Updated Nov 6, 2013
  • Created Mar 7, 2013
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About Rare Item Hunter

Rare Item Hunter

Does Minecraft seem tame and unadventurous to your players? Are there no mobs left to challenge them, no armors nor weapons left to collect? Do monsters hide in dirt houses at night because they fear your players come out to fight? Then this plugin is for you!

compass Once configured, epic monster eggs will randomly appear throughout your world as often or rarely as you like for your players to hunt using their trusty legendary compass.

battle When they find and awaken the beasts, they can rage righteous battle against the invading monsters.

Victory If they are victorious, they can collect the beast's remains in the form of a "Rare Essence."

The fun isn't over yet though!

Poison They must then collect your customized recipes to build rare item components they can enchant their items with!



  1. Drop the plugin in your plugins folder
  2. Configure config files to taste
  3. Use /ri spawnpoint to create spawn points where bosses can spawn. The syntax is /ri spawnpoint <name> <radius>

The radius can be small (10-20) to make specific spawn points, or large (200-500) to make very wide spawn regions of your world. If you want, you can just make one spawn point in the center of your world and set the radius to 3000-5000, it's up to you.


See the commands page.



  • User - rareitemhunter.hunter.*
  • Admin - rareitemhunter.admin.*

More can be found on the permissions page.


You can customize the essence recipes in the component_recipes.yml file.

The default recipes are on the component recipes page.


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  • XP mode fix


  • Critical dupe fix


  • NPE fix
  • Allow boss skills in onDamaged events (fix for skill level setting)


  • NPE fix


  • Fixed permissions issues with rareitemhunter.admin.spawnpoint
  • Fixed recipes with potions not working
  • Fixed component_recipes.yml not being reloaded on /ri reload
  • Fixed NPE with /ri boss when no spawn points are defined
  • Gave repair item better explanation; now displays the amount of points repaired
  • Made call lightning better for melee weapons
  • Spells use Books instead of written books now
  • Removed tough love / half-baked idea for now - beta items that need tweaking


  • Added list of bosses & spawn points to /ri egg, and /ri boss
  • Tweaked default boss file
  • Setup cheap boss garbage collection


  • Fix for egg announcement displaying player object instead of player name
  • Tweaks to balance default bosses.yml


  • Fix for fly items
  • Load abilities for items worn onload


  • Fix for /ri boss <bossname> <pointname>


  • Initial release


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