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  • Supports: CB 1.7.9-R0.2
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  • Updated Aug 2, 2014
  • Created Apr 2, 2013
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  • Release Type: Beta
  • License: GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
  • Newest File: ProSpam 0.9.97

About ProSpam


Beschreibung auf Deutsch

Video tutorial in portuguese

Open Sourced!



  • Effective Spam protection
  • Differentiates between the following types
    • Character Spam (helloooooo)
    • Capslock (HELLO)
    • Flooding (too much msgs)
    • Repetitions of similar text
    • URL posting
    • Words from the blacklist
    • InGame GUI (new)
  • Use spam filters within commands
  • Define your own punishments to each spam type
  • Whitelist / Blacklist
  • Command completion


Don't bother with those tricky commands anymore. there's now a fancy GUI. Open it up by typing /prospam


  • /prospam
    • Opens the GUI
  • /prospam enable
    • Enable the plugin
  • /prospam disable
    • Disable the plugin

  • /prospam reload
    • Reload settings from the config file

  • /prospam whitelist-enable
    • Enable the whitelist
  • /prospam whitelist-disable
    • Disable the whitelist

  • /prospam counter <player>
    • Displays spam history of the player. Since last restart
  • /prospam filter-enable <caps|chars|flood|similar|urls|blacklist>
    • Enable a filter
  • /prospam filter-disable <caps|chars|flood|similar|urls|blacklist>
    • Disable a filter
  • /prospam filters
    • Displays filter states


Caps filter settings

  • /prospam max-caps <percent>
    • Maximum percent of caps a word can have

Flood filter settings

  • /prospam flood-lock <seconds>
    • Timespan players have to wait between their messages

Similar filter settings

  • /prospam lines-similar <seconds>
    • Timespan players are forbidden to post a similar chatline

Trigger settings

  • /prospam trigger-enable <caps|chars|flood|similar|urls|blacklist>
    • Enable spam triggers
  • /prospam trigger-disable <caps|chars|flood|similar|urls|blacklist>
    • Disable spam triggers
  • /prospam trigger-counter-reset [minutes] [player]
    • Reset the violation counter now or reset it every ? Minutes (if 0: never reset)
  • /prospam triggers [caps|chars|flood|similar|urls|blacklist]
    • Displays the defined spam triggers


  • /prospam trigger-caps [violation #] <server command>
    • Trigger a server command if someone is using too many CAPS
  • /prospam trigger-chars [violation #] <server command>
    • Trigger a server command if someone spams chaaaaaaarrrssss
  • /prospam trigger-flood [violation #] <server command>
    • Trigger a server command if someone is posting too many messages in a defined time
  • /prospam trigger-similar [violation #] <server command>
    • Trigger a server command if someone posts a message multiple times
  • /prospam trigger-urls [violation #] <server command>
    • Trigger a server command if someone is posting a url
  • /prospam trigger-blacklist [violation #] <server command>
    • Trigger a server command if someoneis posting a word from the blacklist


config.yml File
Example config.yml

blacklist.yml File

# words in the blacklist get censored with this chars
cover-chars: "*§$&%#!"

# {e} replace only exact occurences
# {i} ignore whole message
- "assmonk{e}"
- "shit"
- "sucker{i}"


All Permissions
Manage all the settings
No spam check
Inform about spam violations



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