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  • Updated Nov 3, 2013
  • Created Aug 28, 2011
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  • License: GNU Lesser General Public License version 3 (LGPLv3)
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About Pixl, The All In One Creative Helper!

Pixl 1.8

Alt Download Link (GitHub.com)

Pixl is getting an upgrade! Please stand by for updates

Pixl (pronounced "Pixel") is a simplistic Creative tool aimed for the pixel artists and massive project builders of Minecraft. It's so simple, it only does one thing: change the data value of certain blocks, and Pixl now has a Super-pick type tools that has Logging abilities so Server Admins can still see who edited a block out.

Now, to use PixlArt, all you need to do is type "/pixl" in-game. After you activate Pixl, you can right click Wool, Logs, Half and Double Half Steps, and Leaves to cycle through the different textures of that block. Pretty nifty, eh? And since Version 1.2, you can rotate Cobblestone and Wooden Stairs, AND you can hard set the value to color the wool with "/pixl set <value>"! Pixl 1.3 allows you to change the Sponge block into fences, so now Sponges have a second use! And for you Creative Servers that dislike the fact that Superpick doesn't log anything, Pixl now has PixlBreak. PixlBreak, toggled on by "/pixl break", will automatically turn off PixlArt and turn on PixlBreak (if you have the "pixl.admin" permission). PixlBreak will check to make sure you can break a block first (if worldguard is installed and configured), and if you can, it'll log it and destroy it for you, naturally dropping the block.

Also, Pixl has Permissions support, with Op.txt fallback if Permissions isn't found. If you give trusted groups/users the pixl.use permission, they will be able to activate and use Pixl. Anyone in Op.txt will have automatic usage of Pixl if permissions isn't found of cannot be hooked into. Admins should have the pixl.admin permission for future use.

  • Version 1.0:
    • Release
  • Version 1.1:
    • added commands!
      • /pixl | Shows help
      • /pixl version | more detailed version information
      • /pixl toggle | toggles the command on and off
    • tweaked the code a little
  • Version 1.2:
    • added more commands!
      • /pixl set <value> | Hard set wool value
      • /pixl clear | clear out the hard-set value
    • optimized code
    • added stair support
    • add in some idiot-proofing
  • Version 1.3:
    • new functionality added! Sponge -> Fence!
    • officially supports (as in tested and made sure it works correctly) Permissions, GM, and the Help Plugin
    • fixed a LOT of typos
    • fixed a stupid bug in my Permissions check
  • Version 1.4: (MC 1.3, Legacy Support, not maintained)
    • includes Source Code! (need to add the GPL license and GitHub Information before 1.5 Release)
    • re-factored how Pixl hooks into other plugins
    • added hackish support for logging and WorldGuard (or other protection plugins that monitor Block Breaks)
  • Version 1.5: (Supported)
    • mostly Refactored, depreciated PixlBlock
    • added support for color names (red, lightblue, etc)
    • rewrote the commandlistener to natively support console commands in the future
    • partly optimized code
  • Version 1.7: (for MC 1.4 - 1.7, Supported)
    • refactored the package name from hackhalo2.creative.Pixl to com.hackhalo2.creative to reflect my domain name (which currently has nothing on it since I can't forward port 80 on a residential connection)
    • tweaked the color names to be more reasonable (darkgreen to green, etc)
    • added support for tall grass and saplings
  • Version 1.7.2: (for MC 1.4 - 1.7)
    • refactored the commands. /pixl now toggles pixl on and off, and /pixl help is the help command
    • added /pixl break. In all basic aspects, It's superpick with logging. Anyone with the "pixl.admin' permission can use it.
    • removed Help support for the time being
    • reformatted setup from eclipse .jar to Maven compile. YOU NEED BUKKIT AND PERMISSIONS INSTALLED IN MAVEN TO COMPILE
  • Version 1.8 (for MC 1.4 - 1.7, Supported (Bugfix Release))
    • Added SuperPerms support and removed Permissions Support
    • Pixl Break bugfixes, thanks to FunnyMan3595 over at Precipice Games!
    • some general cleanup and tweaks
  • Bugs:
    • Reloading plugins disables pixl for everyone. I need to figure a way to keep settings until Persistence comes out.
  • Massive bugfix for Pixl Break (Thanks to FunnyMan3595 at Precipice Games!)
  • Uses Bukkit's internal permissions instead of Permissions
  • General tweaking and such


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