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  • Updated Jan 20, 2017
  • Created Jul 30, 2012
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  • Newest File: Parkour v3.7
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About Parkour

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  • Incredibly powerful and customizable plugin
  • Create unlimited courses, with unlimited checkpoints
  • Setup is easy, will work with any server
  • Simple commands, each with their own help section
  • Fun and customisable Parkour Blocks
  • Full sign integration
  • Easy to understand and advanced configuration
  • Leaderboards to store time and deaths
  • Friendly and helpful creator
  • Will always support existing versions
  • Been supported and updated since July 2012!

Check out my Parkour interview with Spintown!

Video Tutorial

This tutorial is outdated, will update soon.



Need help with my plugin? Check the comments / forum to make sure that your question hasn't already been answered. If not, feel free to drop me a Private message on here, or add me on Skype: iA5H73Y



This plugin has a built-in auto-updater, which connects to BukkitDev to check for updates. If you, for some reason, wish to disable this process, you can do so by setting 'CheckForUpdates' to false in the config.yml file.

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What's New?

  • Loads more string.yml options
  • new .Spectate. options in config
  • Reset all checkpoints /pa resetall
  • Update to /pa list courses [1-?]
  • Loads of fixes
  • Tidied up /pa cmds
  • Prevented ability to create numeric courses to allow (/pa join (courseNumber) (as found in /pa list courses))

None at the moment, please make me aware of any using the Forum.

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