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About MineBuilder

MineBuilder v1.8 for [15.1 RB0.1] inspired by ExpMiner


This is my first plugin and it would motivate me if you leave a comment or like it

This plugin will give you experience/money for breaking blocks and placeing and adjustable Mob exp.


  • Give exp for mining, building, smelting and adjust Mob exp( you can turn everything off).
  • Give Money mining, building, smelting and slain mobs (!!!!! Need Vault and you must turn it on in settings!!!!).
  • Make the amount of exp and money random.
  • Changes the amount of exp depending on the level.
  • Set a level limit.
  • Set Permissions.
  • Works with PermissionsEx , GroupManager , bPermisions and PermissionsEx.


  • For Exp nothing.
  • For Money support it need "Vault".


No externe links are allowed so I needed to remove the dropBox link sorry guys!

MineBuilder-1.8.3 for 1.5.1 RB0.1

How to:

Add Block / Mob:

  1. You need the block ID or Name (Like in my old version).
  2. You go under the rubric where you want to add it (like Break block or PlaceBlock).
  3. There you write "ItemID;ID/NAME:exp:how often you need to break/place or Slain a mob.

With ItemID;3:2:10 you would get 2 exp after breaking/placeing 10 dirt blocks.

ItemID;DIRT:3:10 would do the same.

Add Levels:

  1. You go under the rubric "Levels:".
  2. Then you can add some thing like "lvl15:20" this will give you 20% more exp with lvl 15.


  1. You can add a random when you go under the rubric "Randoms:".
  2. There you can write some thing like "test123:10:40" this will give you a amount of exp between 10 and 40 he name does not matter.
  1. You can insert randoms instead of exp
  2. It should look like "ItemID;3:test123:10" this would give you a random amount between 10 and 40 after breaking or placeing 10 dirt blocks


Great thanks @ ipodgenex which made this Video It shows what the plugin does but it is in german so dont be surprised because of the language ;)


  • minebuilder.reminer ( for the command /reminer)
  • minebuilder.vip (when you set Permissions on only player with this permissins will get exp)


- 1. Try to add Smelting exp (Currently not possible with the normal Bukkit Api but it is a pull request)

- 2. Add player level up/earned money messanger again

- Have someone a request?

When a error appear:

Pleas say what you done just , may you use a command or while clicking a block

It would be the best if you post the error message often it contains the problem :)

hope you like it and sorry for my bad english

v1.8.3 Fixed a bug with Randoms Added possible to make the randoms for Money with floats

v1.8 Fixed a bug which smelting money Added Money message Updated api

v1.7 Added support for funrace exp Updated Config

v1.6 Fixes misspellings from mobs in old config (you need to delete the old config but can copy all only the Monster had some mistakes >_>) Fixed error with java 6

v1.5 Fixed some bugs

v1.4.8 - Fix a bug with Citizens2 , No errors now and NPCs do not drop Orbs and Items if killed by a Guard/Sentry, It prevent Lag in Chunk and abuse with Item / Exp farming.

v1.4.5 - Now you can enable the function that the Locations of the placed blocks get saved in a file on reload/stop or at certain time intervals

v1.3 - many bug fixes

- Now it is possible to set the amount of dropped orbs from blocks (only works with the latest dev build) fixed reminer and randoms

- Only the command "reminer" will work currently and you have an new folder path / config style

- Realese of the rewritten plugin has the most function it only miss block protection and lvl up / gain money messager

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