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About Minecraft: The Last Airbender



Minecraft: The Last Airbender

Official Plugin Spotlight

Installation Tutorial: Click Here

Official Bending Server

IP - minecraftTLA.us.to

Server Status

If that server is full (and it usually is), feel free to check out any of the other "official" servers.

Dev build

Development builds of this project can be acquired at the provided continuous integration server. These builds have not been approved by the BukkitDev staff. Use them at your own risk. This link has been removed because Bukkit doesn't like Github as a CI server.

Minecraft: The Last Airbender is a Minecraft plugin for a Bukkit server. It is designed for Survival Multiplayer, and allows players to choose an element to bend as the benders do in the world of Avatar (the stage of Avatar: The Last Airbender and its sequel The Legend of Korra).

Some quick notes: I will warn you that you will not be able to do everything they do in the show. There are limitations both in Minecraft and in Bukkit that prevent such extravagance. In the details of each discipline you can see exactly what you can do. As such, the description of the bending disciplines is a little altered to reflect their role in the world of Minecraft: The Last Airbender.


  • Play as a bender and choose which type you would like to be.
  • Battle other users and see who is the best of the best.
  • Compatible with WorldGuard, Factions, PreciousStones, GriefPrevention, and CreeperHeal. (Many more plugins will be added to this list)
  • Nothing is required client-side
  • Permissions support!


Users may bend water, earth, fire, air, or can go with being a chiblocker.. You may pick which type of bender you would like to be with the command: /bending choose [water/air/earth/fire/chi]. You may only choose one, with the exception of the Avatar, and you may never change it so be careful in your decision.


  • Specializes in maneuverability in and on the water.
  • Oceans are perfect for water benders.
  • Techniques range from shooting water that do damage, freezing lakes, or even pushing enemies back with powerful waves.
  • This bending style is a mixture of offensive and defensive.
  • Water bending opens up many options in bodies of water that are otherwise closed to the other disciplines.


  • Specializes in manipulating the earth around them.
  • Any area which contains land is perfect for earth benders.
  • They have the abilities to pull columns straight up from the earth, drill their way through any mountain and launch themselves through the air.
  • This bending style, like water bending, is a mixture of offensive and defensive.
  • Earth benders do not take fall damage as long as they land on the ground.


  • Specializes on destruction and incineration.
  • Any environment, besides on any bodies of water, is perfect for them.
  • They may create rings of fire on the ground, shoot lines of fire, and even create exploding fireballs.
  • This bending style is pure offensive, and very little mobility/defense.
  • Fireball is the only ability they may use that does not require any solid ground beneath them.


  • Specializes in mobility & defense.
  • The land is the ideal place for airbenders, although they may also bend over the water.
  • Bending air allows you to use wind to blast things away, forming a shield of air around you, or using a tornado to lift you, or your opponent, off of their feet.
  • This bending style is perfect for pacifists and explorers for they lack any raw damage output, but make up for it with their utility and speed.
  • Choosing air as your element increases your overall speed, decreases the rate of hunger and disables fall damage.

Chi Blocking

  • Specializes in bare handed combat.
  • Move faster, jump higher, take less fall damage.
  • Can block someones chi, stopping them from Bending for a short period of time.
  • Abilities range from Higher Jumps, Faster Punches, and Paralysis of enemies.

HELP! It's not working!

This is a Bukkit plugin, not a single player mod. It will never be a single player mod. Go to the Bukkit Wiki to set up your own server. You can play on it just like you would single player, and it requires nothing more than setting it up.

If anything is not working, look around for a development build of Bending.

Development progress

School has picked back up, so plugin development will be very intermittent at best. I've done away with the ordered releases, and will most likely be keeping 1.0.7 the "official" version until I release it as 1.1.0. It's a jump, I know, but if I were forced to stick to a schedule, the plugin would never get done. This is because there are things I like coding and want to code now, and I shouldn't have to wait just because I have something else planned for the version.

As such, there is no ETA on the release. The dev build will of course be updated as I add features, but 1.1.0 will only be officially released when everything is completed, and that could take a very long time.


If you're so inclined, donate here or click on the donate button at the top right.

Related Plugins

No support for the plugins listed below will be offered here, please go to that plugin page for support.

  • Probending - Create Probending teams using the Bending Plugin.


v1.1.0 A ludicrously large number of bugs were fixed, and config options were changed. To experience Bending at a proper and balanced level, delete your Bending configuration file to have the plugin recreate it with proper values.


  • Flight support has been added! Bending no longer conflicts with other plugins which grant flight.
  • Fixed bending rechoose being allowed by default (also fixed in 1.0.7).
  • Help Dialog returns something nicer when nothing is specified.
  • Added permission nodes to choose Bending (bending.<element>)
  • Configuration Revamped
  • Added seaLevel option to the config. Allows you to change the sea level. (You may have changed it in a terrain generation plugin, make sure it matches here, if not, you can leave it at default).
  • Compiled in jre6, to ease the 'Not Working' complaints.
  • Towny, Factions and GriefPrevention support.
  • Changed node to build for WorldGuard / PreciousStones support.
  • Messages from the plugin now prefixed with [Bending] in the console.
  • Bending now tells you what plugins it recognizes on startup.
  • Region protection finalized. Now works on a per-bending basis.
  • Jar renamed to Bending.jar for consistency.
  • Multilanguage support added via a yml file.
  • Abilities that can target creatures no longer targets creatures behind the user.
  • Earthbending reversion now handled on a separate thread - huge performance increase.
  • Made Bending far more stable - when something could have caused it to crash, bending instead resets and prints the error to both the server and bending.log.
  • Added Extra region protection from ignite and explosion with WorldGuard and Precious stones.
  • StopAllBending properly stops all Bending.
  • Implemented global and individual cooldowns.
  • Implemented a new way Bending is stored. Should completely fix any lag from changing Bending.
  • Abilities that lasted as long as they were bound have been altered to last as long as you have permission to bend them. (Tremorsense, PhaseChange, etc)
  • Nearly all basic attacks now have a small cooldown (1s for EarthBlast, WaterManipulation and FireBlast, 1.5s for AirSwipe)
  • Changed the way potion effects from Bending are handled, to not override existing potions that were legitimately obtained.
  • Added a feature to prevent Bending on BlockPlace and InteractEvents (Like opening a chest)
  • Players can no longer bend if they themselves are in a protected region (to prevent things like Lightning inside of a safe zone to an outside one)
  • Fixed permission issues.
  • Improved the Command Interface: added aliases for every command, improved all the help dialogue, made clear all usages, utilitzed colors more in commands that deal with abilities, improved feedback, and more.

New Commands

  • /bending who [player]. If a player is specified, it returns the bending of that player. If a player is not specificed, it will return the list of online players with their corresponding bendings.
  • /bending language [language]. If a language is specified and supported by your server's language.yml file, it will change your language. If no language is specified, it will display your language, the server's default language, and a list of the languages supported by the server.
  • /bending version. Displays the version of bending and who created it.
  • /bending bindmode [item/slot]. Allows the user to display the current bind mode, and switch between binding abilities to items or slots.


  • Wave and WaterWall merged into Surge
  • FreezeMelt renamed to PhaseChange
  • Added Abilities: OctopusForm and Torrent.
  • Can now bend from Water Bottles.
  • WaterManipulation animation slightly altered.
  • Selecting water sources has been revamped and works much more nicely now.
  • Water from ice or water created by Surge is no longer bendable
  • Added permission node ''bending.message.nightmessage'' for allowing the receipt of messages about moonrises and moonsets.
  • The moonrise/moonset message is now the same as the Waterbending message in the config.
  • WaterSpout height is now in line with the config.
  • Fixed an error with Waterbending's no fall damage passive when falling on snow layers.
  • WaterSpout can be destroyed (EarthBlast, AirSwipe, WaterManipulation, and FireBlast will all destroy a WaterSpout). Additionally, HealingWaters no longer works inside a WaterSpout.
  • Bloodbending no longer works on targets that can bloodbend.
  • Fast Swimming does not work when using OctopusForm.
  • WaterManipulation can now have its target changed with a click.
  • Removed WaterManipulation's streaming technique.
  • WaterManipulation can now be destroyed or redirected by another bender with this ability. Shift to destroy, click to redirect, while targeting someone else's bending block.
  • Wave will now extinguish targets.
  • IceSpike has been reworked. In addition to its current effect (minor damage and a slow), it can now be used similar to WaterManipulation to throw a chunk of ice at a target, dealing reliable damage and slow at a range.
  • Added a Slow Effect to Bloodbending.


  • Added Ability: Shockwave.
  • Catapult improved drastically. Additionally, Catapult can launch friends near you who are sneaking. Beware: they will still take the falling damage if they have nothing to mitigate it.
  • EarthBlast can noew be fired directly from the ground.
  • EarthBlast reworked to allow multiple EarthBlasts at the same time.
  • EarthBlast can now have its target changed with a click.
  • EarthBlast can now be destroyed or redirected by another bender with this ability. Shift to destroy, click to redirect, while targeting someone else's bending block.
  • RaiseEarth, Collapse, EarthBlast, and others have been altered to allow the selection of earth through transparent materials.
  • Tremorsense can be toggled using Shift with the ability selected.
  • Allowed Earthbenders to take no fall damage in protected zones provided they could have used their passive to begin with.
  • MoveEarth has been significantly improved. Moved sand becomes sandstone temporarily, and plants and snow are not destroyed with Earthbending.
  • Made earthbending reversion drop what the blocks should drop when mined, instead of the blocks themselves.


  • HeatMelt and Extinguish renamed to ControlHeat
  • Added Abilities: FireBurst and FireShield.
  • FireJet’s power augmented.
  • Damage from fire created by Firebending abilities now deal damage from the bender as the source, instead of the fire.
  • Added permission node ''bending.message.daymessage'' for allowing the receipt of messages about sunrises and sunsets.
  • The sunrise/sunset message is now the same as the Firebending message in the config.
  • Removed Ability: Fireball - Now partially included in FireBlast.
  • Firebenders now have the ability to cook food while holding Shift with HeatControl selected.
  • WallOfFire has been rewritten and is now an invaluable and bug-free ability.
  • Lightning can now be obstructed by line of sight, has a more interesting miss mechanic, and deals variable damage. Far more balanced now.
  • Lightning redirection has been added - shifting with the ability selected will negate any damage lightning (natural or otherwise) deals to you. Additionally, if you are struck by lightning while holding shift, your own lightning becomes immediately charged.


  • Added Abilities: AirSpout and AirBurst.
  • Damage caused by fall damage induced by airbending abilities now deal damage as if the user caused it - properly giving credit where it’s due.
  • AirSuction cannot be used while in AirSpout
  • AirSpout can now be destroyed. (EarthBlast, AirSwipe, WaterManipulation, and FireBlast will all destroy an AirSpout)
  • Shift feature to AirBlast and AirSuction , allowing you to select their origins.
  • AirBlast and AirSuction can now affect the user if a different origin is selected. This effect is greatly increased if the user is in the air.
  • AirBlast and AirSuction now have a maximum upwards momentum they can impart on a target, preventing Airbenders from being able to make targets fly ridiculously high in the air under certain circumstances. Additionally, the way they push targets has been revamped to be a lot more consistent and balanced across the board.
  • AirSwipe can now be charged to increase damage / knockback.
  • AirSwipe can block most basic bending attacks, but deals no damage if it does so.
  • AirShield is now a hemispherical animation, and Tornado and AirShield have nicer animations and a charge up time.
  • Disabled super jumping with AirScooter selected to help make AirScooter easier to use.
  • Tornado’s flight capability is more smoother for the user.

Chi Blocking

  • Added Paralyze ability. Temporarily paralyzes the target, though that target cannot be paralyzed again for a large duration.
  • Made chiblocking only happen on attacks that deal 1 damage (Half of a heart) and within a certain range.


'''The new bukkit broke a couple of features, they have been deactivated for now. These are:'''

  • AirBlast will no longer flip levers.
  • RapidPunch does not animate anymore.
  • TagAPI support is temporarily gone.
  • MySQL support is gone and will be brought back in a read-only capacity.


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