Magical Spells

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  • Supports: CB 1.3.2-R0.1
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  • Updated Nov 6, 2013
  • Created May 17, 2012
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About Magical Spells

Magical Spells

Collect Materials ◦ Craft Wands ◦ Cast Spells

MagicalSpells is a plugin that allows users to craft wands from materials and cast the spells available to that wand. It is fully configurable and people can create their own custom wands and spells. This video will show you the basics:

To play, click it and it will take you to the youtube page.

Click to go to the youtube page


MagicalSpells is a plugin that allows the users to cast magic and craft wands whenever they want. It lets them collect the correct materials for a specific wand, craft the wand and then cast spells using that wand. It can be configured to disable magic in worldguard zones, undo the explosions and damage to the environment, change the cost, cooldown, size and range of each spell and even create your own spells and wands.

Feature List

  • Over 85 preset spells
  • 24 preset wands
  • Unique and configurable cooldown mechanics
  • Easy usage and crafting
  • Configurable spells and wands
  • Automatic landscape damaging reversing
  • No-magic zones
  • Message configuring

Other Pages


Servers Using Magical Spells


To add your name to the list, post the name of the server, and the ip in the comments and I'll join to make sure it is a good server then add it the list.

Reporting Bugs

Post the bug here In it include the error (if there is an error), your config.yml (if edited) and settings.yml(if edited), what you were doing at the time (what command,spell,wand...), what version you're using, and if possible what other plugins you have (optional).


If you like this plugin and what to donate feel free to click the donate button on the top right of this page. Thanks.


  • Fixed update notifier
  • Fixed spellset bug
  • Fixed spell bug
  • Fixed freeze arrow bug
  • Fixed capital letter casuing bug in spell desc
  • Added health as an option for costitemid


  • Fixed xp not working
  • Fixed some wands crafting without the ingreidents
  • Properly updated to 1.31


  • Should work for 1.31 (can someone test it, ive only tested the basics)
  • Added explosive arrow spell
  • Added rapid explosive arrow spell.
  • Improved arrow shower
  • Added /ms spellset <spellname/number> (sets your current spell to that one)
  • Added per wand costItemID, now you can configure if a wand uses the default cost item or uses a custom one. Use costItemID on the wand.
  • Improved item destroying after explosions.
  • Fixed spelllist bug
  • Balanced spells (cost,range,damage...)


  • Fixed dupe bug (Stormtrap)
  • Fixed wandlist bug
  • Fixed nature wand bug


  • Added vault checker, and shutdown if no vault is found
  • Added more metrics
  • Fixed undo damage on freeze spells
  • Fixed errors from the update checker
  • Fixed spam from the update checker
  • Fixed factions area
  • Fixed undo dupe glitch
  • Fixed undo glitch destroying players items
  • Fixed undo sign glitch
  • Fixed nature wands crafting bug


  • Fixed xp casting
  • Fixed chest redo and others
  • Redid config (wands)
  • Added spells
  • Added spell not used checker
  • Improved metrics
  • Added edited/outdated checker
  • Fixed permission bug
  • Added reload command /ms reload
  • Added permission "magicalspells.reload"
  • Towny support
  • Vault requirements
  • Other stuff i cant remember


  • Fixed casting message
  • Fixed xp usage on casting
  • Fixed spelling errors
  • Fixed jump+fling
  • Fixed console message (mat:e or false...)
  • Fixed explosions destroying chest contents (done the same for dispenser,sign,noteblocks,jukeboxs,furnaces,brewingstand and spawners)
  • Fixed random casting on entites
  • Fixed flash+gammaflash
  • Added /ms whatwand


  • Added metrics


  • Fixed config bug :/


  • Added faction support
  • Fixed+improved spell casting
  • No drops from explosion spell
  • Solved syncrhnoiziscity error
  • Added 15 new spells
  • Added function for multiple handlers on a spell
  • Added extra item values for wand mateirals (36:4...)
  • Added xp casting item mode
  • Added crafting override permission
  • Added cost item override per wand
  • Added cooldown override per wand
  • Added ability for wands to require another wand to be able to be crafted
  • Improved update notifier
  • Split config into config.yml (wands) and settings.yml(settings)


  • Added /ms spelllist [wandname]
  • Added /ms spell [spellname]
  • Improved /ms tips
  • Faster code


  • Fixed console spamming issue
  • Added /ms version
  • Improved updater notifier


  • Updated to R4
  • Fixed casting issue on entites
  • Fixed permissions
  • Added permissions for crafting and using wands
  • Added world settings
  • Added new spells(Leach,Erupt,Shade,Volt,Darkness,Terra,Sunslash,MoonBlade,Blizzard)


  • Added cooldown options
  • Added damage undo time option
  • Added new spells (IceArrow, ElectricArrow, PoisonArrow, WindArrow, AirCrush,AirQuake)
  • Updated to R3.0
  • Fixed casting error
  • Fixed help menu


  • Changed name of the plugin


  • Fixed casting issue


  • Fixed rain spell
  • Fixed worldguard issue
  • Updated to R2.0


  • Plugin released!!!
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