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  • Supports: CB 1.7.2-R0.3
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  • Updated Mar 8, 2014
  • Created Aug 9, 2012
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  • Release Type: Release
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  • Newest File: LockPick v4.0

About LockPick

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Leveling is still a work in progress, but it is stable!

Silently, the thief runs across the yard, heading for a large chest, but when he arrives, he has a nasty little surprise waiting; IT IS LOCKED! The thief, prepared for this, takes out 1 gold ingot, and attempts to pick the lock, nearly dead from failing, taking damage after each fail, he finally opens the chest only to find out, that the owner of chest heard him lurking around, they duel, but with the thieve's health low, he doesn't stand a chance. LockPick, a wonderful plugin made by LegoPal92 and calebbfmv, adds a more, realistic touch to the RPG aspect of minecraft, allowing users with the right permission to open a locked chest, with some skill!

Protection's we support!

  • All of them


What LockPick allows user the ability to open chests/doors of other players, adding a more realistic theme to the RPG playing style of minecraft. It is lightweight, simple to use, and we also threw some permissions in there, that way you don't have TOTAL chaos!


1. Download the most recent version from the download link

2. Put the downloaded .jar file into your plugins folder

3. /reload or /stop your server and start it up again!

4. Enjoy!


All someone has to do is right click the item that is pickable, with a pick in their hand, an then vala, his percentage and other variable go into account and we determine if the lock is picked, or he dies!


There are some commands now!

1. /Xp LockPick 2. /Xp Enchanting


- Lockette.Pick - LockPick.PickPocket

To do/Planned Features

1. Add a message to the player who is being picked - Done

2. Add Tekkit Items. (I want to, don't know about lego.) [Lego doesnt want to, because he knows nothing about Tekkit!] - Done

3. Failing to open makes to lose pick. - Done

4. Add leveling. -Done

5. Add ability for players with the right perm, not to be picked (Ideal for admins and Donators)

6. Add ability for command to be run on fail.

7. Add tiers of picks.

Suggestions, bugs, thank you's?

Post in the comments below, or if its a bug, make a ticket as well, please!

Idea (officially) from


Thanks for an awesome idea!


Complete code rewrite. Added configurable messages. Added functioning take one items. Added configuration options. Changed magic values to Material names. Quite a lot happened. Sorry for the delay, but it works!


Fixes for tickets 17, 18, and 19. Will work on 1.7.2, and 1.6.4. Updating is highly recommended.


Updated for minecraft 1.6.2, they changed the health system in this version of minecraft, so anyone that uses minecraft 1.6.x will need this build to be able to run this plugin.


Just an update for 1.5.2.


So many changes, but here we go, I'll try to list them all:

  • Added PickPocketing
  • Added Leveling
  • Added a feature to Pickpocketing where you can have only a random item be taken
  • Added many config options. You know, I am bound to be missing some, but this is what I have for the change log right now.


  • Fixed an error with the chest opening


  • Fixed a permissions error


  • Fixed another stupid error


  • Fixed a stupid error


  • Coded by LegoPal92
  • Fixed null pointer errors
  • When failing to succeed, player looses 1 of the stack of items in hand


  • Coded by LegoPal92
  • Tekkit items can be picked
  • Should have fixed the not being able to interact with world bug
  • Added loss of pick when failing


  • Coded by calebbfmv (basecode by LegoPal92).
  • Adds complete support for tekkit items in the config.
  • Adds Full Customization for the Items to be pickable
  • No errors when runnig (As far as I can tell)


  • There was a reported null pointer error, found and fixed (hopefully) the problem.


  • Fixed severe null-pointer-exception error, even though there was no null.


  • Remade code, added a config, and fixed 99.99% of the errors. ATM.


  • Base Code made.
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