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  • Newest File: LobbyAPI v3.7.32

About LobbyAPI

https://media-elerium.cursecdn.com/attachments/191/217/lobbyapi-step4.pngWhat is LobbyAPI

LobbyAPI was created to manage multiple worlds and allow players to teleport to those worlds using user friendly menu, while being able to be fully configurable.Just by using the commands /lobby or /hub, the player has access to all worlds specified in the menu, where when they click on the block the represents a world they are teleported to location given to that world. LobbyAPI has tons of configurable methods to change the color of the block in the menu, the amount of that block, what spot it is located, and the description of the world, who can see or go to a world, along with the methods for how the world will interact with other worlds.

How to create and manage worlds

If you a re new to LobbyAPI, you can find a guide how to set up worlds at this link:



  • Plugin support LobbyAPI is just the back-bone for the plugins that will add the worlds. All that is needed to add a world to the menu will be under Developer Information.


/Lobby Opens up the WorldMenu
/Hub Opens up the WorldMenu
/LobbyApi Allows you to change some properties of LobbyAPI
/LobbyApi addWorld [world] Adds a world to the LobbyAPI menu
/LobbyApi removeWorld [world] Removes a world to the LobbyAPI menu
/LobbyApi addServer [world] Adds a server to the LobbyAPI menu
/LobbyApi removeServer [world] Removes a server to the LobbyAPI menu
/LobbyApi listServers Shows a list for all the servers
/LobbyApi listWorlds

Shows a list for all the worlds

/LobbyApi setDefaultWeather [world] [weather] Sets the default weather for a world. Choices are NORMAL, NO_RAIN, and ALWAYS_RAINING
/LobbyApi addJoiningCommand [world] [command] Adds a command that should be sent when a player joins that world.
/LobbyApi removeJoiningCommand [world] [command id] Removes a command that should be sent when a player joins that world.
/LobbyApi listJoiningCommands [world] Lists all the commands that are sent when a player joins that world.

Dependencies and Compatibility

LobbyAPI does not depend on any other plugin, and should work with all other plugins. If you receive any errors from my plugin or features or not enabled for you, please make a comment or ticket of this page.

Developer Information

If you want to register a world through a plugin, use the guide HERE . Call this method in onEnable method to register worlds when the plugin loads.

To add a BungeeServer to the menu, all you need is this line: LobbyAPI.registerBungeeServer(String bungeeServersName, Description, WoolColor);


This plugin does update automatically:

This plugin checks for updates and will download updates. If you do not want this plugin to automatically update, all you need to do is edit one line in the "plugins\AUpdater\global.yml" file. Just change the one variable in there to false (or, if you run into any problems, copy the code below)

# Updater by ArsenArsen
# Global config
# Sets should updates be downloaded globaly
update: false

How to Install

  • Drop this plugin into you plugins folder
  • Find/Create a plugin that will allow you get to your world
  • Restart your server

Code cleanup

Added chatcolor support to world desctipnsions
Added try/catch statements for features added in 3.7.30. Should fix errors caused from missing dependancy for PluginConstructorAPI

Added PluginConstructorAPI dependancy
Setting up framework for multiple bed support

Added support for players with beds.
Fixed NPE when adding default items
Added location saving onDisable, onDeath, and on changing worlds
Added custom world support. No need to rely on Multiverse
Players cannot be in custom world when removing world.
Added support for non existent worlds- If the world was removed due to another plugin, LobbyAPI will not attempt to enable it. This should fix some NPES

Added /lobbyapi addDefaultItem <world>
Added /lobbyapi listDefaultItems <world>
Added /lobbyapi removeDefaultItem <world> <index>
Fixed usage messages

Added /lobbyapi setCanUsePortals <world> <true/false>
Tried to passively added MV-Portal support.
Added /lobby setdisablehealthandhunger <world> <true/false>
Added /lobby setvoidlooping <world> <true/false>
Added code to disable MVI or PWI if they are enabled on the server.

Fixed weather bug
Fixed default world gamemode being set to survival on reload
Fixed world inventories

Fixed issue that may occur when looking for updates.
Added the ability for some worlds to save the location of the player when they left the world.
Added /lobbyapi setLocationSaving <worldname> <true or false>
Added ability to link an item to the hub command. To become a 'World Selector'
Added /lobbyapi setWorldSelector
Added /lobbyapi removeWorldSelector

Added support for fractional XYZ coordinates.
Fixed issue with worlds being registered twice.
Added /lobbyapi setDefaultWeather
Fixed items changing between worlds.
Added the ability to have commands that get sent when a player joins a specific world.
Added /lobbyapi addJoiningCommmand
Added /lobbyapi removeJoiningCommmand
Added /lobbyapi listJoiningCommmands

Added customizable gamemodes per world

Fixed issue with PlayerChangedWorldEvent.

Fixed world loading from config spawn glitch

Fixed issues with addWorld Command

Fixed issue with locations being null.

Added /LobbyAPI changeMaterial <World> <Name or Id>

Fixed prefix
Fixed setMainLobby tabbing
Updated updater

Fixed enchantment reload bug
Added titles to changing world
Added chat messages to changing worlds (1.7 and lower)
Added chatcolors to /lobbyapi
Added /lobbyapi setMainLobby
Added /lobbyapi removeMainLobby
Added /lobbyapi changeSpawn
Added Main lobbies. Main lobbies are worlds that new players and killed players will be sent to by default (unless the world the player was in is a sub-world, e.g. nether.)
Fixed command tabbing. World names should now be added to the tablist when needed.

Fixed enchantment reload bug

Updated code for the new BukkitDev site
Added changelog
Updated plugin for 1.11


Fixed config bug.


Added bStat
Fixed some minor bugs


Fixed updater
General Bug fixes.


Fixed Updater
Added License
Fixed Minor bugs


Added Bungee Support
Fixed Enable/Disable bungee Support
Fixed issues with saving/loading inventories (added check for if the world is null,)


Remembered to keep up with this changelog
Added bungee Support


Added /LobbyAPI addWorld
Added /LobbyAPI removeWorld
Added /LobbyAPi listWorlds


Added /lobbyAPI worlds to see world data
Added checks to save and load items to specific spots.


Fix some bugs
Added Ability to set limits to amount of players per world
Added Ability to see how may players per would and max players (if max is set)
Fixed player list. Players in a world will now be displayed in the lore.


Fixed bungee support
Added ability to change World Block to and Item type (Blocks and Items)


Added Ability to cancel EnderChests for certain worlds.
Added LobbyAPI.setNoEnderChests(World, boolean) and .hasNoEnderChest(world) to check if hasNoEnderChests it applied to a world.


Changed the inventory's name from "Warp" to "LobbyAPI" to not break any other plugins.


Added BungeeCord Support
Fixed some Menu Bugs


Added support for whiteListing Worlds
Added Support for updating WhiteLists for Worlds


Just released


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