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  • Supports: CB 1.1-R3
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  • Updated Feb 12, 2012
  • Created Feb 7, 2012
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  • Release Type: Beta
  • License: Public Domain
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About goto -simply teleport


a simple teleportation plugin

v0.2 2/12/12 v0.1 2/6/12


  1. Apply goto.jar directly to the bukkit's plugins/ folder.
  2. Launch bukkit,
\ <font size="1" color="red">← ignore this</font>
/gotonothing *
/goto <font color="green">gotoLabel</font>Teleports your to the stored goto label gotoLabel
/goto <font color="purple">set </font> <font color="green">gotoLabel</font> Sets your current location to gotoLabel
/goto <font color="purple">del </font><font color="green">gotoLabel</font>Deletes the stored goto label gotoLabel
/goto <font color="purple">list</font>Lists your goto labels. ***
/goto <font color="purple">back</font>If you teleported with goto this will take you back to where you had telelported from (multiple times I am thinking about limiting this.)**
/goto <font color="purple">forward</font>If you used /goto back this will take you forward(multiple times I am thinking about limiting this.)**
/goto <font color="green">gotoLabel </font><font color="orange">anotherLabel</font> Gives the distance between goto labels gotoLabel and anotherLabel in meters
(*,**) *I'll make this something, probably replace /goto list (so you can have a label called list.) **I will be working on making this for all teleportations (a Teleport Listener); Not working the way I'd like yet. *** Will show 20 Labels Max, will fix soon;

Future things I may add. <font size="2" color="blue">(ascending order)</font>

  • approximate area between 3+ Locations (/goto area Label1 Label2 Label3 "Label#")
  • approximate volume ....
  • auto labeling, maybe even a tool that labels. (wouldn't be gunpowder or a wooden ax ;-) )

v 0.2

Locations will now save.

  • I made a serialized GotoLocation, I don't think it saves pitch and yaw correctly.

Added forward

  • I need further testing with it.

Overall this should work fairly well. I'll be working on making it simpler any ideas are welcome. I might change goto as it's difficult to type, in my opinion.


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