Friday the 13th

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About Friday the 13th

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The first person to join the server becomes Jason. Everyone else that joins afterwards is a camp counselor. Jason has many superhuman abilities, all of which are configurable, including increased running speed, increased jump height, increased damage, and many others. He also is given an enchanted iron sword (machete, if you will). The counselors have many configurable disabilities including blindness, slowness, and others. The configuration of Jason's abilities and the counselors' disabilities can create an even match or a Jason-led massacre. For the counselors to win, Jason must die. For Jason to win, all of the counselors must be killed. Each counselor that is killed goes into a spectator-mode where they are invisible, cannot chat, cannot place or remove blocks, cannot harm other players, etc. Once Jason or all the counselors are killed, the game resets and a new Jason is chosen.


  • Jason has many configurable abilities.
  • Jason cannot chat, open his inventory, or pick up non-iron swords (all configurable).
  • The counselors have many configurable disabilities.
  • Dead counselors go into spectator-mode in which they cannot chat, be seen, open their inventory, place or remove blocks, harm players, or pickup items.
  • When Jason is near a counselor, the counselor is sent a message that says, "Ki ki ki ma ma ma..."
  • When Jason is really close to a counselor, the counselor becomes confused and slow (can be configured).
  • Night can be made eternal.
  • Thunder can be continuous.
  • Storms can be continuous.
  • Spawn locations for both Jason and the counselors can be set.
  • Many other small features that are too numerous to list.


  • /ft13 - Lists all commands.
  • /ft13 swaprole <player> - Switches the player's role between Jason and a counselor.
  • /ft13 whoisjason - Returns the name of the player who is currently Jason.
  • /ft13 restart - Restarts the game.
  • /ft13 whoami - Tells you whether you are Jason or a counselor.
  • /ft13 setjasonspawn - Sets Jason's spawn location to command sender's current position.
  • /ft13 setcounselorspawn - Sets the counselors' spawn location to command sender's current position.

Future Features

  • Permissions (?)
  • Skins


  • Simply place the jar in your server's plugins folder.
  • (OPTIONAL) Download a Camp Crystal Lake map or something similar.
  • (OPTIONAL) Play the Friday the 13th (1980) soundtrack while you use this mod.

I welcome suggestions. Tell me what you like and don't like. Just add your thoughts in a comment.

Version 1.0

  • Initial Release


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