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  • Minecraft
  • 97,764 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 1.8
  • 9,954,763 Total Downloads
  • Updated Jul 26, 2015
  • Created Aug 25, 2011
  • 571 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Mature
  • License: GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
  • Newest File: Essentials-extra-2.9.1
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About Essentials


There is no official Bukkit for Minecraft 1.8

There is no official Essentials for Minecraft 1.8

For updates regarding Sponge, and what is coming next follow KHobbits on twitter or keep checking the wiki linked below.

Essentials offers over 100 commands and features useful on just about every server.

Our major features include:

  • Player made homes, and server warps.
  • Player kits and first join kits
  • Easy player to player teleports, including teleport requests.
  • Full chat and nickname customisation
  • Full moderator control, with feature such as muting, jailing and temp banning
  • Economy support, including shop signs and command costs
  • Full permission based build control, with the ability to block certain items
  • Core world protection, allowing you to block explosions, fire spread and other catastrophes!


The Essentials plugin is available in a number of different bundles, and the various modules can be configured to give a unique server experience, tailored to your server and your players.

We recommend visiting the wiki links below to find out more about the different packages, commands and permissions available.

Due to the restraints of DBO, we are unable to offer our old download links, including the link for GroupManager.

Visit our wiki to find our CI server and how to become a beta tester.

When downloading Essentials, be sure to check the supported game version.

What do I do now?


Essentials is currently developed and maintained by the Essentials team, lead by KHobbits. Group Manager is maintained by ElgarL.

Donations and Supporters

The Essentials project is maintained by a team of developers in their free time. The amount of time we spend improving on this project is down to personal motivation, we do not get paid to keep this updated. If you find Essentials is an essential part of your server, or has made your life easier, please consider giving us a donation to help keep the project alive.

As always we would like to thank those who have contributed or helped sponsor this project, allowing us to exceed 10 million downloads across all sites:

Learn by example

@Samkio and xTorrent made a great YouTube video explaining what Essentials is, its different parts, and how to install it.


This plugin sends statistics about the usage to the server You can disable it using the command /essentials opt-out.

- Change Log:
  • New translation messages
  • Update default permissions.
  • Update to CB #2126 B #1425
    Min CB version changed to 2122
  • Try to reduce lag caused by join spam.
  • Adding world permission checks to:
    tpaall tpall tpahere tphere tpohere
    User is required to have the permission for the world he is in, before he can teleport users outside this world, to it.
  • Clarify how backup works.
    Add option for auto save-all.
  • Update tp to check if target player has tptoggle disabled.
    Update tpo to allow player to player tp.
  • Don't show 'backup started' on /backup if it hasn't been configured.
  • Don't override other plugins which allow joining over capacity.
  • Update [balance] sign to use currency formatting.
  • Invsee now shows a live player inventory in a window, rather than cloning players inventory.
    New Permission: essentials.invsee.modify - Player with this permission will be able to add/remove items from the other players inventory.
  • New permission check: essentials.list.hidden is now required to /getpos hidden players.
  • Extra itemcsv.
  • Make sure items don't stack wrong in [free] signs.
  • Help command refresh.
  • Adding missing entities to Protect Spawn Blacklist
  • Improve kit matching, and add enchantments.
    Enchanted kit example in config.yml
  • New command: /fly
    New perm:
  • Split formatting perms for signs as well.
  • New Permission:
    Without this perm, URLs will be modified not to be links.
  • Split colour permissions into 3: color/magic/format
  • Extra items in 1.2.4
  • Add villager professions to /spawnmob
  • Update missing 1.2.3 items in items.csv
  • Extra Trees
  • Add 'color' sign type to config file.
    Enforce colour permission on signs when essentials signs are enabled.
  • Missing kit time check from [kit] signs.
  • Only show nickname update message in debug mode.
  • Shorten help messages.
  • New permission: - Allows players to /tp <p1> <p2> replaces old reused permission.
    New permission usage: if world-teleport-permissions is true in the config, TP commands will now check for<worldname> when a tp would switch worlds.
  • Adding Exp to /whois, shows total exp and ingame level.
    Due to the way minecraft calculates levels (flawed formula), its possible to not match calculated level.
  • Adding reference to &k in MOTD.
  • Handle permission check failures better.
  • Fix fake explosions.
  • Make /nuke drop tnt from a more reasonable height.
  • Make /spawner errors more descriptive.
  • Add metric opt out toggle ingame.
  • Add Griefcraft metrics to Essentials
    Warns on first start, and first staff join, and 5 minute warning before logging starts.
  • Fixing warp command costs.
  • New permission: essentials.seen.banreason
    With this permission players can see why a user was banned, in /seen.
  • Adding jail time to /whois.
  • Update offline user check.
    Add ban reason to /seen
  • Update setworth to allow /setworth <price> ingame
    Allow /setworth to be used from console.
  • New Permission: essentials.lightning.others
    With this permission you can use /lightning <player>, without only strike based on direction.
  • Add Enderman check to EntityChangeEvent (Should fix sheep eating grass).
  • Use ignoreCancelled on event registration.
  • Update info.txt to hint at /einfo.
  • Fixing spawnmob count.
  • Add listgroups as TL key
  • Apply colors to group tags.
  • Build custom mob list /spawnmob
  • Adding starter/newbie kit to EssentialsSpawn
    Optimization to EssentialsSpawn join event.
  • Extra command alias.
  • Allow more currency customization.
    Added currency key to messages.
  • Adding option to modify all users balances (including offline) /eco reset ** <amount>
  • Force all kits to lowercase.
  • Only update displayname on world change, not every teleport.
  • Make the antioch message optional.
  • Shouldn't really be canceling events at priority monitor, oops.
  • Fix isAffordableFor in Trade class

    This fixes buy signs giving out items, when the player has permission, but min-money in config is set to 0.
  • Adds pvp protection after teleport
  • Fix utf-8 decoding problems.
  • Fix UTF8 handling in Configuration class
  • Better cats
  • Fix world heights
  • New eggs
  • New Entities and Items for 1.2
  • update default player-commands to support new and missed commands
  • add little babbys
  • Adding permissions for overwriting exisitng warps

    essentials.warp.overwrite.[warpname] will allow overwrting of exsiting warps
    essentials.warp.overwrite.* for all warps
    Adding WarpNotFoundException class